G Forss / Donna Wynbrandt / Triptych

3 Aug

I have a new triptych that I made using three of Donna Wynbrandt’s art works. The three together fall under the same title that is drawn on one the the three … “Who’s the Healthiest ?”
This triptych was also made extra jazzy when I did some computer enhancement of it.
A very philosophical question is posed here, like … Who’s the Healthiest, humanity or nature ? In nature, in a perfectly natural setting, everything is healthy according to a natural progression of a birth to death process. What am I talking about ?
Never mind. Take a look at these. I have two versions here. Before and after. I sold two of the first triptych I did with Donna’s art about a new world religion being started after a man’s penis falls off when he is doing chin ups on a bar. Scroll down my past blogs to see this one.

This one (either version) is for sale at $65. 11×14 size printed on 330 g fiber base digital paper.

George Forss Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816 ph 518 677-3288 georgeforss@yahoo.comG Forss DHW Who's the Healthiest psychodelic glow med

G Forss DHW Who's the Healthiest compaq fix small size http://www.ginoforgallery.com also Facebook

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