George Forss – My amazing facility for Bible writing – A Natural/Spiritual Quest

25 Jul

Anyone who knows me knows that I have been doing something a bit odd for many years.  Bible writing ?

I want to illustrate a new synopsis that goes with a CD disk that has complete files of all my writing.  I do have writing that can be described as Bible writing.

The first thing I must tell you is I am not a great seer or mystic or anything like this.  I do not have great intelligence or some kind of special connection to God.  I do have a very strong religious nature or something like this.  I do not even believe that there is a God personage that is watching over us.  Something happened to me in 1969 that prompted me to make a very serious vow to the universe in a prayerful way that is akin to praying to God though.  All these years later I have been getting a download of Bible-like data from some older life form spooks.  Something like this.  The thing is the source of the wisdom is using me to record a Bible tome.  This is fun to them.  This is clear to me now.  Now I have five books in a package to try and sell to our world of megalomaniacal ideals.  Here is a synopsis.  I did what I do for the fun of it also.  I also know this now … now that I am finished.


   I have breakthrough science in the writing I did for my five books.  You can see this right away when you review my writings.  I have a great showcase of truths that bespeak the virtues of the animal and spiritual over our current world’s scope of megalomaniacal ideals.  I am a person who can speak with the authority of the universe.  I am poor in mandatory social skills but rich in an earnest religiosity of the rarest kind.  I claim to tap into the knowledge I gather from ethereal spooks I can channell with.  Indeed, I was able to formulate a new Bible of godly truths from them.  I cannot claim to have a quick remedy for all of our ills but i do have remedies that can slowly remove bad Karma with which humanity is infested and restore the magnificence and surety of the earth garden.


I can e mail files of my writing for free and I have a CD with all my writings files.  Send a few dollars for the CD or an e mail address if you are interested.  My writings are a lot of fun.  It just so happens both me and my spooks are playful like all living things in the universe.

George Forss  Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street  Cambridge, N Y 12816

Watch out for the gunslinger !  My picture is a sculpture done by Ron Favata. The universe is like this gunslinger who declares that there is not enough room (room in this town) for humanity and the godly things the universe creates.  Ron’s sculpture $180.

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