George Forss – Ginofor Gallery – 35 artists

10 Jul

I do have about 35 artists in my gallery. I am constantly trying to lower the prices of my artists. The professional artist will not lower their prices if they have sales all the time. It is just that art sales today are poor. It is generally known that this is the market for art. This situation is not fair in our world. I used to have a solo show in my gallery every month during the 1990’s. I am still here and I do sell art but it is stringent to say the least. I run my gallery like a store these days.
What to do. Preach ? Well, art says the most about you. I mean, if you want to impress people, the art on your walls will say a lot without a great deal of Ra Ra. Art works do not need any batteries and good art will charm you your whole life. Really good art does not fail to move you because your mind/soul is not able to completely absorb what it is experiencing in good art. It is much like music. As many times as I hear Bach, Beethoven and other great composers I get all stirred up … such music ‘catches’ me. I have in my gallery what may be the best audio playback around. When I play a Hydyn Symphony or the Vivaldi flute concertos I sink into a state of pure euphoria. Some pictures of my artist’s artworks are here.
Come to the Ginofor Gallery. Bring your favorite music on disk and enjoy while you are looking around.
George Forss Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge NY 12816 ph 518 677-3288
Ginofor Gallery is open Thursday through Sunday 12pm to 5pm. Also open by appointment. href=””>IMG_0127_edited-1









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