George Forss – B & W and Digital Comparison

9 Jul


I have a neat picture taken with a small (outmoded) Minolta pocket camera that is really a good picture taker. I have a full study of an Uncle Sam horse tie up post that has an unusual charm to it that only B&W film can capture. This camera has a six element air spaced lens that has very good shaprness and contrast. The image it projects just barely covers the 35mm format of this camera. I like this effect.
These are for sale ! Everything in my gallery is for sale ! I have the most unusual art and photography and sculptures. I can make an 11×14 330 weight fiber base digital print of this picture for $65. For a darkroom fiber base (Silver Gelitan)archivally processed print of Uncle Sam for $375.

G Forss  Uncle Sam  Sculpture 002 small fileGeorge Forss / Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816 ph 518 677-3288 and Facebook

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