George Forss – Hudson River in the Adirondacks – Alien

4 Jul

G Forss River Study with 275 Tessar 2 stitch small fileI had a brief vacation at a friends cabin on the shores of the Hudson River. The picture I have here was taken with an Argus view camera. The lens is a very large 275mm Tessar optic that I adapted to use with this camera. This is a neat view of the river from the portch of the cabin.
Selling Selling I can make a digital print of this scene for $65. (11×14) on 330g weight fiber base paper. I can also make a traditional darkroom print (11×14)for $375. This will be a silver gelitan print that is archivally processed. I recommend a 20×24 darkroom print because the water in this picture is super cool at this size. The price for this is $600.
Alien ? Yes The address for an Alein speaking through me, on my video on You Tube is better now. People have not been able to see this properly. Here is the better way to see this: Type >>> The King Cobra Speaks VTS 01 4 <<<>> VTS 01 4 <<< is not mine but I had to address my you tube videos the way I told you to get my videos best. Now … go to VTS 01 1 to get the beggining of a film I did about the 2008 conventions … that explains WHY an Alein wanted to get involved in my film. The film I did is available on a DVD disk for $20.
George Forss Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816 ph 518 677-3288 also Facebook

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