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George Forss – My amazing facility for Bible writing – A Natural/Spiritual Quest

25 Jul

Anyone who knows me knows that I have been doing something a bit odd for many years.  Bible writing ?

I want to illustrate a new synopsis that goes with a CD disk that has complete files of all my writing.  I do have writing that can be described as Bible writing.

The first thing I must tell you is I am not a great seer or mystic or anything like this.  I do not have great intelligence or some kind of special connection to God.  I do have a very strong religious nature or something like this.  I do not even believe that there is a God personage that is watching over us.  Something happened to me in 1969 that prompted me to make a very serious vow to the universe in a prayerful way that is akin to praying to God though.  All these years later I have been getting a download of Bible-like data from some older life form spooks.  Something like this.  The thing is the source of the wisdom is using me to record a Bible tome.  This is fun to them.  This is clear to me now.  Now I have five books in a package to try and sell to our world of megalomaniacal ideals.  Here is a synopsis.  I did what I do for the fun of it also.  I also know this now … now that I am finished.


   I have breakthrough science in the writing I did for my five books.  You can see this right away when you review my writings.  I have a great showcase of truths that bespeak the virtues of the animal and spiritual over our current world’s scope of megalomaniacal ideals.  I am a person who can speak with the authority of the universe.  I am poor in mandatory social skills but rich in an earnest religiosity of the rarest kind.  I claim to tap into the knowledge I gather from ethereal spooks I can channell with.  Indeed, I was able to formulate a new Bible of godly truths from them.  I cannot claim to have a quick remedy for all of our ills but i do have remedies that can slowly remove bad Karma with which humanity is infested and restore the magnificence and surety of the earth garden.


I can e mail files of my writing for free and I have a CD with all my writings files.  Send a few dollars for the CD or an e mail address if you are interested.  My writings are a lot of fun.  It just so happens both me and my spooks are playful like all living things in the universe.

George Forss  Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street  Cambridge, N Y 12816

Watch out for the gunslinger !  My picture is a sculpture done by Ron Favata. The universe is like this gunslinger who declares that there is not enough room (room in this town) for humanity and the godly things the universe creates.  Ron’s sculpture $180.

George Forss – Route 77 farm panorama

21 Jul

    I came across a farm complex along route 77 in the Greenwhich, NY area that had a broad band of good sunlight on it so I decided to do a series of 4×5 field camera pictures of sections of it.  I knew that I would scan these scenes into my computer for a broad panorama.

When I was setting my camera up two farmers approached me.  I told them their farm would make a great picture scene … that I wasn’t any Media. I also wanted them to pose in my picture series somehow.  They didn’t want to do this but as they were walking away I saw that I could capture them in my picture so they would not be recognizable.  I like what I have here.

A good digital print of this panorama is for sale.  I could make it 9 x 17 or so in a frame for … hmm … $125.  

George Forss  Ginofor Gallery  38 West Main Street  Cambridge, NY 12816  ph  518  677-3288  www.ginoforgallery.comG Forss Farm Panorama  route 77 3 stitch 2 med

George Forss – Ginofor Gallery – 35 artists

10 Jul

I do have about 35 artists in my gallery. I am constantly trying to lower the prices of my artists. The professional artist will not lower their prices if they have sales all the time. It is just that art sales today are poor. It is generally known that this is the market for art. This situation is not fair in our world. I used to have a solo show in my gallery every month during the 1990’s. I am still here and I do sell art but it is stringent to say the least. I run my gallery like a store these days.
What to do. Preach ? Well, art says the most about you. I mean, if you want to impress people, the art on your walls will say a lot without a great deal of Ra Ra. Art works do not need any batteries and good art will charm you your whole life. Really good art does not fail to move you because your mind/soul is not able to completely absorb what it is experiencing in good art. It is much like music. As many times as I hear Bach, Beethoven and other great composers I get all stirred up … such music ‘catches’ me. I have in my gallery what may be the best audio playback around. When I play a Hydyn Symphony or the Vivaldi flute concertos I sink into a state of pure euphoria. Some pictures of my artist’s artworks are here.
Come to the Ginofor Gallery. Bring your favorite music on disk and enjoy while you are looking around.
George Forss Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge NY 12816 ph 518 677-3288
Ginofor Gallery is open Thursday through Sunday 12pm to 5pm. Also open by appointment. href=””&gt;IMG_0127_edited-1









George Forss – B & W and Digital Comparison

9 Jul


I have a neat picture taken with a small (outmoded) Minolta pocket camera that is really a good picture taker. I have a full study of an Uncle Sam horse tie up post that has an unusual charm to it that only B&W film can capture. This camera has a six element air spaced lens that has very good shaprness and contrast. The image it projects just barely covers the 35mm format of this camera. I like this effect.
These are for sale ! Everything in my gallery is for sale ! I have the most unusual art and photography and sculptures. I can make an 11×14 330 weight fiber base digital print of this picture for $65. For a darkroom fiber base (Silver Gelitan)archivally processed print of Uncle Sam for $375.

G Forss  Uncle Sam  Sculpture 002 small fileGeorge Forss / Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816 ph 518 677-3288 and Facebook

George Forss – Hudson River in the Adirondacks – Alien

4 Jul

G Forss River Study with 275 Tessar 2 stitch small fileI had a brief vacation at a friends cabin on the shores of the Hudson River. The picture I have here was taken with an Argus view camera. The lens is a very large 275mm Tessar optic that I adapted to use with this camera. This is a neat view of the river from the portch of the cabin.
Selling Selling I can make a digital print of this scene for $65. (11×14) on 330g weight fiber base paper. I can also make a traditional darkroom print (11×14)for $375. This will be a silver gelitan print that is archivally processed. I recommend a 20×24 darkroom print because the water in this picture is super cool at this size. The price for this is $600.
Alien ? Yes The address for an Alein speaking through me, on my video on You Tube is better now. People have not been able to see this properly. Here is the better way to see this: Type >>> The King Cobra Speaks VTS 01 4 <<<>> VTS 01 4 <<< is not mine but I had to address my you tube videos the way I told you to get my videos best. Now … go to VTS 01 1 to get the beggining of a film I did about the 2008 conventions … that explains WHY an Alein wanted to get involved in my film. The film I did is available on a DVD disk for $20.
George Forss Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816 ph 518 677-3288 also Facebook