George Forss – Five book writings

24 Jun

Rays of Life medium size  for ENOS I am finished with an important project for me in my life. This is a project I started and stopped in 1969 and 1976 and 1983. In 1983 I started writing out a book based on a kind of communication I developed stemming from the experiences I had in 1969 and 1976. All of this culminated in a book I produced and self published entitled ENOS. Everything that happened to me that is related to the writings I did for ENOS is detailed in this books first chapter.
I can add to this an experience I had in 2009 which prompted me to write four more books that are tied to ENOS writings/wisdom in an esoteric way it seems to me now. I find that few people get what I am doing. If I say I am doing Bible writing it gets even worse.
Bible writing is not what you think. New Bibles are not founded by a great man with a great mind. Instead, a new religion (Bible) is always brought to being by an unsociable angry sorehead … WHO DID NOT ACTUALLY PUT SUCH A THING TOGETHER ! I am not not kidding.
It is always that such an individual (man or woman) is found to be channeling with some kind of authoritative and forceful mindset that has attached itself to this person … AFTER THIS PERSON HAS MADE SOME KIND OF VOW TO GOD ! Again I say, I an not kidding.
All the created things of humanity do not last long. All the creative things of the universe last a long time.
I am stupid and smart at the same time … not a pro.
People who have put up with me know I am ultra harmless but not a ‘pro’.
Am I saying we don’t know the universe ? Bingo ! This is our situation over most of human history. We will know how to disect the whole universe soon, or maybe not if The God Force acts against us … BECAUSE WE ARE NOT PURE ! Pure in spirit or something like this (I am not kidding).

My writings are available for anyone who wants to study them. I send my books to people via e mail or on a CD disk.
E mail is free and my CD, with all five books, is now offered at a pay what you wish price. Send me an e mail address and I will send five attachments of my writings.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge N.Y. ph 518 677-3288

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