Forss – Crab Apple Trees – SAW

28 May

G Forss  Crab Apple Tree with Donna small fileI went to an exhibition at SAW (Salem Art Works) and I was surprized by the Crab Apple trees I saw where we park our cars. This is quite a place for a number of reasons. If someone wants to get into giant metal sculptures, this is the place to go. They have 200 acres of land and smelting furnaces. I knew I had to go back to do a serious photography shoot here.
I decided to use my super Canon EOS digital camera. I wanted to capture the essence of being under these trees in bloom. I used a super-wide Canon wide angle lens that is actually broke. This lens had an injury in its past. The lens elements are a bit discentered. What this means is that the left side of the image the camera records will focus closer that the right side. This is not a problem for me. I knew right away that this was an oppurtunity for me to do special types of picture taking. So ………
I set up my camera in a way that I would get some of the nearby blossoms of the crab apple tree as well as the distant branches in focus. I also wanted to get all the blossom petals on the ground under the tree.
I took a few pictures. Two of them are here. One is the next blog.

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