Norma Forss Photography

19 May

N Forss Olson and Johnson 001I have a couple of my mother’s uniquely effective photos here. This is how I decide to judge art … thinking that something being offered as art has high effectiveness or not. I don’t even know if my mother was trying to offer her work as art for the world to enjoy. I do know she was trying all her life to ‘get discovered’ somehow. She once brought my sister Barbara to the theater district in New York’s Times Square all dressed up as a new star, the way she would have her look, to photograph her with a star she would encounter coming out of the theater. I haven’t seen such a picture in her collection, but I do have two of her uniquely effective pictures to put on view here.
You can see two vaudevile Stars, Olson and Johnson, that my mother encountered in 1939 or 1940.

I have a CD disk about my mother’s life along with 84 of her pictures on it that I sell in my gallery. I sell this for eight dollars plus a few dollars for shipping.

George Forss Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge,NY 12816 518 677-3288

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