Forss – Battenkill racing in Cambridge, N.Y.

14 May

Minolta Freedom Zoom 130 camera

Minolta Freedom Zoom 130 camera

We had the Tour of the Battenkill racing event in Cambridge recently. I took some pictures with a neat little pocket camera that someone gave me. This is a film camera of the type that has a long lens protruding from its shell when it gets the command to take a telephoto picture. I think that this particular camera performs very well, better than some others of its type from the 1990’s I would say.
People are giving away their old film cameras becuase they are so outmoded all of a sudden.
I think there is a special art to film pictures that should be explored. A lot of people are doing this. You cannot see the result of your picturetaking right away, and you cannot even get film in a local store. So, I should just let it all go but I am intrigued by the results I am getting with a few cameras that I came into possession of when someone just gave them to me.
You can get films and photo chemicals out of a catalog like the Freestyle Photographic place. Processing can be done in an hour in Bennington.
The camera I am talking about here is a Minolta Freedom Zoom 130 model. I saw two of these cameras on E bay. One was $199. and the other was 19.99. I thought there was a mistake. I bid on the $19.99 one and I won. Now I have two identical cameras. Both are in mint condition. I am going to put the two cameras on a board so I can take two pictures at the same time … left eye and right eye. This will enable me to make 3D pictures ! Is this going to work ?
They are selling a lot of great cameras on E bay for twenty bucks.

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