Forss – Spiritual Portrait – technique (not)

11 May

G Forss John and Maria Katz farm 3003I have been doing some new portraits that I want to describe as being ‘Spiritual Portraits’. This is very difficult because this is too fanciful a description to describe what I have been doing.
I should just stop doing this but I am getting a result that shows an unusual finery in the juxtoposition of everything in such a picture.
Look at the picture I have here and some others I have foolishly declared to be one of my ‘Spiritual Portraits’.
I think such a finery can be accomplished by anyone when they are ‘open’ to such an undertaking.
When I set out to capture people in a spiritual portrait (a portrait that will show an unusual finery in the result) I do not assume that I will not get what I want, that I will just let it happen. I think there is some kind of channelling going on here like I do with my writings. I’m not kidding ! Is it all some kind of mindset ? I notice
that there is an unusual finery in all fine art, a spiritual finery. The artist for such work gets all the credit of course … and ‘of course’ … all of this assert-a-tioning is of my own foolishness. I think we can tap into some finery in the universe in our work/creations in a Natural/Spiritual way.

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