Forss – Double Exposures – Norma and George

1 May

N Forss Double Exposure for blogI have two pictures that are double exposures to feature. One is a combo of two portraits of children my mother photographed in the 1930s. This one is obviously an accident that is common when one picture is accidently exposed over another on one frame or image file. My mother’s picture is a very astute one after all because it looks as though the two portraits were carefully intergrated. This cannot be true because my mother never set out to do double exposures. Also, this is the only double exposure image that I have found in her collection.
I do double exposures all the time. I am known for my efforts in this regard.
Now, I believe that I get a helping hand somehow when I do a double Exposure picture. I know that the intergration of my two images is, like … too good to be true … except for such a helping hand (or pure luck ?)
I am illustrating my mother’s picture here and my recent double exposure in my next blog.

Is this a blog ? I better try and sell something. I am selling my images for $65. right now. I can make an 11 x 14 on 330 weight fiber base ink jet printing paper that is quite a lasting proposition. Add $15 for shipping and handling. Also, visit my gallery in Cambridge, NY I am The Ginofor Gallery at 38 West Main Street 12816.

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