Forss – Double Exposures – Norma and George

1 May

G Forss  Me and Donna D Exp with pumpkin pie002 small file fix handHere is the double exposure I did recently. I am using a 1937 Ziess Icon folding camera for this. I used a twenty foot bulb shutter release. A twenty foot long thin hose wire that works very well with this camera.
This picture is very playful and a bit risque. I title this one … “Double Exposure with a Pumpkin Pie”
This is me with Donna Wynbrandt, my spiritual mate in life. Donna likes this image and I got an OK to use it here.

One Response to “Forss – Double Exposures – Norma and George”

  1. John Greenwood May 2, 2013 at 9:59 pm #

    Pumpkin Pie before noon? That is risque!

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