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Forss colaboration with Donna Wynbrandt

31 May

G Forss DHW Penis fell off colaboration small fileI recently colaborated with artist, Donna Wynbrandt, who created three new art sketches that I could see were related in a rather humurous and profound way.
I photographed her three sketches knowing I was going to put them together as one art epic.

This art item is very entertaining and you may want our new epic in your home to enjoy. I can print it on large 11×16 digital printing paper that is a hefty 330g fiber base product. I can do this for $65. Mailing cost is $15. I use Epson inks that are long lasting.

This art answers the burning question, “How does a new world religion get started ?” This is the title for this work.

George Forss/ Ginofor Gallery
38 West Main Street
Cambridge, NY 12816 ph 518 677-3288

Forss – Crab Apple Trees – SAW

28 May

G Forss Crab Apple Tree with yellow fence small fileHere is the second picture I took. Nancy Krauss told me that she knows the person who planted these trees many years ago. Check Nancy Krauss and all she does on Google.
I was intrigued by a section of dirt road around this tree with a neat yellow fence in the background.
Notice how the close branch and the far tree limbs are in good focus. I think Canon should issue a lens like this.

I sell Forss photography. I can sell a large digital print version (11×14) of my images for $65. I print on 330 weight fiber base paper. $15. for shipping.

George Forss/Ginofor Gallery
38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816
ph 518 677-3288

Forss – Crab Apple Trees – SAW

28 May

G Forss  Crab Apple Tree with Donna small fileI went to an exhibition at SAW (Salem Art Works) and I was surprized by the Crab Apple trees I saw where we park our cars. This is quite a place for a number of reasons. If someone wants to get into giant metal sculptures, this is the place to go. They have 200 acres of land and smelting furnaces. I knew I had to go back to do a serious photography shoot here.
I decided to use my super Canon EOS digital camera. I wanted to capture the essence of being under these trees in bloom. I used a super-wide Canon wide angle lens that is actually broke. This lens had an injury in its past. The lens elements are a bit discentered. What this means is that the left side of the image the camera records will focus closer that the right side. This is not a problem for me. I knew right away that this was an oppurtunity for me to do special types of picture taking. So ………
I set up my camera in a way that I would get some of the nearby blossoms of the crab apple tree as well as the distant branches in focus. I also wanted to get all the blossom petals on the ground under the tree.
I took a few pictures. Two of them are here. One is the next blog.

Norma Forss Photography

19 May

Norma Forss - Little Girl on steps001I like to separate each picture I put in my blogs so that I can write about them separately.
This image was taken in the 1950’s. I do know who this child is. She is one of our neighbors kids when we lived in the South Bronx. This is a very stirring picture to me … that way that this child is staring out of the picture. This is like, my mom’s Mona lisa picture. What is this child thinking about ? My mother would pose her subject for up to an hour or so until she got just what she wanted. So, I guess the child is a bit annoyed. Yeah Yeah It culminated in a study like this.

Norma Forss Photography

19 May

N Forss Olson and Johnson 001I have a couple of my mother’s uniquely effective photos here. This is how I decide to judge art … thinking that something being offered as art has high effectiveness or not. I don’t even know if my mother was trying to offer her work as art for the world to enjoy. I do know she was trying all her life to ‘get discovered’ somehow. She once brought my sister Barbara to the theater district in New York’s Times Square all dressed up as a new star, the way she would have her look, to photograph her with a star she would encounter coming out of the theater. I haven’t seen such a picture in her collection, but I do have two of her uniquely effective pictures to put on view here.
You can see two vaudevile Stars, Olson and Johnson, that my mother encountered in 1939 or 1940.

I have a CD disk about my mother’s life along with 84 of her pictures on it that I sell in my gallery. I sell this for eight dollars plus a few dollars for shipping.

George Forss Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge,NY 12816 518 677-3288


Mark Tougias is having a home exhibition at

17 May

G Forss  Mark Tougias show 2013

Mark Tougias is having a home exhibition at his place in Cambridge, NY.  This is happening right away.  Here are the details:

Saturday, May 18, 2013, 6-8:30pm

29 N.Park Street. Cambridge. NY 12816 (rt. 22- across from Sunoco)

You are cordially invited !

Email –  Also by appointment – cash or check only please

Forss – Battenkill racing in Cambridge, N.Y.

14 May

Minolta Freedom Zoom 130 camera

Minolta Freedom Zoom 130 camera

We had the Tour of the Battenkill racing event in Cambridge recently. I took some pictures with a neat little pocket camera that someone gave me. This is a film camera of the type that has a long lens protruding from its shell when it gets the command to take a telephoto picture. I think that this particular camera performs very well, better than some others of its type from the 1990’s I would say.
People are giving away their old film cameras becuase they are so outmoded all of a sudden.
I think there is a special art to film pictures that should be explored. A lot of people are doing this. You cannot see the result of your picturetaking right away, and you cannot even get film in a local store. So, I should just let it all go but I am intrigued by the results I am getting with a few cameras that I came into possession of when someone just gave them to me.
You can get films and photo chemicals out of a catalog like the Freestyle Photographic place. Processing can be done in an hour in Bennington.
The camera I am talking about here is a Minolta Freedom Zoom 130 model. I saw two of these cameras on E bay. One was $199. and the other was 19.99. I thought there was a mistake. I bid on the $19.99 one and I won. Now I have two identical cameras. Both are in mint condition. I am going to put the two cameras on a board so I can take two pictures at the same time … left eye and right eye. This will enable me to make 3D pictures ! Is this going to work ?
They are selling a lot of great cameras on E bay for twenty bucks.

Forss – Spiritual Portrait – error

11 May

My last blog image has some cutoff of its composition that spoils my image and my comments. There is a little more image just under the dog along the bottom of this image.
I should be aware that this can happen.
I told the subjects in this picture, Jon Katz and Maria Katz that I captured the Spiritual toughness they have.
What am I talking about ? I have some notes based on some input that I have about spiritual people.
Spiritual toughness has to do with the personality that someone wishes to feature in their world.
This person will tend to have one look and a kind of uniform like way of dressing.
They are always the same, and growing in this way !
My mother was like this. Do you know people like this.

Stay tuned for more foolishness.

Forss – Spiritual Portrait – technique (not)

11 May

G Forss John and Maria Katz farm 3003I have been doing some new portraits that I want to describe as being ‘Spiritual Portraits’. This is very difficult because this is too fanciful a description to describe what I have been doing.
I should just stop doing this but I am getting a result that shows an unusual finery in the juxtoposition of everything in such a picture.
Look at the picture I have here and some others I have foolishly declared to be one of my ‘Spiritual Portraits’.
I think such a finery can be accomplished by anyone when they are ‘open’ to such an undertaking.
When I set out to capture people in a spiritual portrait (a portrait that will show an unusual finery in the result) I do not assume that I will not get what I want, that I will just let it happen. I think there is some kind of channelling going on here like I do with my writings. I’m not kidding ! Is it all some kind of mindset ? I notice
that there is an unusual finery in all fine art, a spiritual finery. The artist for such work gets all the credit of course … and ‘of course’ … all of this assert-a-tioning is of my own foolishness. I think we can tap into some finery in the universe in our work/creations in a Natural/Spiritual way.

George Forss – Symphony No. 1 – Elephant

5 May

http://unknownalbum(3-7-2013 10=39-54am)G Forss Symphony No. 1 Elephant picture small fileA few years ago I wrote nine symphony’s utilizing an orchestra of electronic feedback sounds. I discovered that my set of audio components was all wired up in such a way that I was getting quite an amazing aray of feedback sounds. This is when I decided it was time for me to compose some serious music. I have one here about the Elephant. It is so sad that the elephant we know in the wild is near extinction. We would not let this happen but who knows. I want to put his on my blog as a tribute to the elephant.
I have a CD disk of this symphony available for $12 plus shipping. Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816
I have an upgrade so that I can put a video/audio on this site. If this doesn’t work I will put the symphony on when it does work