G Forss – Ginofor Gallery – Selling

14 Apr

G Forss QE II in NY 1977002 copy Final fix for WORDSomebody wanted to know what I am selling ? I do not tend to run my blog in a strickly professional manner. Sorry about this.
In my gallery I have about 30 different artists. I get them to lower their prices as much as I can.
I sell my photograpy.
When I sell something it will have more value than it will appear to have, perhaps because I don’t hype the way I should. I don’t lie about an item I am selling. I don’t really have to it seems to me but I know I am wrong for this. One thing to consider, art galleries these days are a poor business venture.

Why am I writing like this ? This is a no no.
I do framing, which is anther poor business to have. I do framimg with found frames. I only charge my labor charge of $35 for this per frame. I do get business in this way.
I am a unique author. I do channeling with the universe to get the great wisdom I write about. I give my writings away for free. I have to. I do Bible writing. This is an angry fool type of writing, which does not have instant appeal to hardly anyone, which odly enough does allow a person to channel with the universe. I am not kidding.
I am able to do what I want to do because I am open to some kind of source for excellence in the universe.
I have unique products connected to my writing. I have nine symphony’s I created using electronic feedback sounds. I wanted to be a composer of symphony’s and I found a way by magic (Wizard stuff).
Price list ? I sell wholesale and below if I can. i am planning to upgrade this blog so people can view some of my art films and hear my Symphony’s. These are really different. I am devloping a small following.
Come to Cambridge N.Y. We all have fun in this town and you will too.
QE II on view here is a digital version of my famous image. I can sell a deluxe 330 gram fiber base print of this for $65. (10 x 14 size.)
Ginofor Gallery 38 West Main Street Cambridge NY 12816 ph 518 6773288 Facebook http://www.ginoforgallery.com
Send me your Email for a group of my writings.

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