George Forss – Spiritual Portraits

7 Apr

G Forss Foolish Wizard 1002 small fileWhat am I Philopsin about now ?

Spiritual Portraits ?

There is such a thing, I say …

I sent this e mail recently and it kind of explains what I am doing (me).

Two samples here; a self porrtait of a Foolish Wizard and one of Nancy Krauss.
e mail:
I started doing portraits with a 1937 Zeiss Icon folding camera with the ambition of getting portraits that capture the quiescently truth of a person. I find that this is possible for me if I can photograph someone while I am not at the camera in use. I also find that I need to be playful in this venture.
I also want to take pictures that look like my mother’s box camera pictures. The pictures attached will look like they were taken in no special time that is an “IN” time and place. The ideal is for my new portraits to have a kind of timelessness about them, while I am able to capture an expression, pose, and attitude about my subject. I am good at this if I am not at my camera. So, I am using a twenty foot long bulb release that attaches to the shutter of the Zeiss Icon camera.
I am the Foolish Wizard in my portrait. I need to explain why this is so. I don’t have anything ‘concrete’ in my mind (a belief system or such), that is why I stare straight ahead looking at people the way that I do. I only believe in what I can see, visually and esthetically. This is very foolish because it is the opposite of being, commercial, popular and professional all the time (all day long).
This is also why I am able to communicate with some others in my channeling, like a wizard.
Maybe I am only ego tripping in my old age (in my second childhood) but I have accumulated a great body of wisdom being who I am.
I believe when someone does something astounding there is a magical force that comes through to the person, not so much of their own volition. This works for me.
There is some nutty stuff showing in my portrait, like some letters on a audio component behind me (I enhanced these in photo shop), a part of my flying saucer mobile and a playful antique iron horse on a window ledge behind me.
John Kat’s gave me the wizard staff. Maybe he should not have done this ? If I do a Spiritual Portrait of Jon, I will capture him as a king. There is something ‘kingly’ about this man, especially when he enters a room.
Nancy Kruass was photographed by the chicken coop she and her husband Dan designed. I captured her great smile and posture in this portrait.

P..S. When I enter a room people start going home. I better shut up.
Look at the word “Quiscently” in my text. I never used or knew this word before now. I just found myself using it suddenly. This is Wizard Stuff !

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