George Forss – 2014 Buick

5 Mar

G Forss 2014 Buick with Donna  3 stitch small fileI hit a deer with my 1998 Buick sedan recently and I was dissapointed because I like my car and I wanted to improve its appearance with some painting, wheel hub painting with new chrone lugs, etc.,
I had a dream after this incident and I decided to follow the vision I saw in my dream.
In my dream I dreamt that I had a meeting with the great Deerfather in the Maine woods. I put a unique deer effigy on the hood of my damaged Buick and I wanted to show it to the Deerfather. I did and I made a plea for mercy, sort of, like … maybe the frickin deer would stop jumping in front of my car suddenly to commit suicide … if this is what it is all about.
The Deer father liked what I did an he decreed that no deer would jump in front of my car to commit suicide anymore.

Anyway, I awoke but I still wanted to have a deer effigy on my car. I am having another, ‘daydream’ about this ! I am daydreaming that GM is going to issue my design as their new 2014 Buick soon. This will be their ‘Deerslayer” model. This vehicle will come already crashed into a deer with an appropiate deer effigy on its hood. The dealership that has this car will be instructed to go out and around until they get hit by a deer before putting the special emblem on it.

I did a model shoot with my car with artist Donna Wynbrandt. You will notice that Donna is twice in this picture ! I did this by stitching three single images together.

I can sell a 9×14 size of this image for $125 printed on a new digital fibre (cotton) paper and using Epson inks.

George Forss Ginofor Gallery 518 677-3288 also Facebook

One Response to “George Forss – 2014 Buick”

  1. Raining Iguanas March 19, 2013 at 8:37 am #

    George, you are my deer-est hero. This photo is smashing!

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