Forss God and the Devil

18 Jan

    When doomsday was upon us (December 21, 2012) I decided to review my writings … after staying in bed all morning and looking out the window now and then.

   This is the behavior of a person that is constantly (learning) having to correct some errors in the area of my behavior being too goofy for society or not. 

   As an example, this same person (me) is always telling others about some channeling that I am doing to extract a great body of wisdom to write about, uh … from the Gods (s0rt of).  This, of course, is a big  No No in society.  I don’t care about this though because I feel that I have to be honest in my behavior, especially if I want to continue chanelling with the Gods.  In my writings I describe the writing I do as coming from some Aliens.  This is true in the best meaning of the word “Alien” because I do not know who the source of the wisdom I proport is.   Worse than this there are a few of them (the source for my wisdom) so I never concern myself about wanting to know true wisdom for any subject I choose.  I call the whole lot of them “The Others”.  

     So, I think I can know it all … I can know it all simply by communicating with the others.   I don’t I ( I cannot turn them on and off at will).  I really quite dumb, but I am privy to a unique wisdom source that I have developed a channel to.   What I do is to simply ask for some wisdom about a topic (ask and you shall recieve).  This takes time.  I find that I have to keep my quest alive for quite a long time to get what I want.  

     When I reviewed my writing I was aghast at some of the errors I found.  This is me.  The wisdom in my writings has no errors though.  This is most uncanny and it is prompting me to put excerpts of the wisdom on my blog to prove what I am about.  I have a direct comparison between God and the Devil excerpt from page 556-557 of my book ENOS here.  See what you think.  This is them !


           A Direct Comparison Between God, or the God of Love in the Universe      and
            The Devil, or the Devil God of Life on the Earth
                      GOD                                                                 DEVIL

  God is not selective. In God’s                   ()    The Devil is selective. In a
  world we can all live with a true              ()    world with the Devil we can
  equality.                                                             ()    surely succeed with our forceful 
                                                                                 ()    wit.
  We are never wrong to God.                      ()
                                                                                 ()    We are never right to the
  God is good when we can all                       ()   Devil. He is right, and He doesn’t
  live with hope for a better world.             ()   care if we are wrong. 
                                                                                  ()   The Devil is only good
  With God in our new living way,               ()   when we want him to be.
  we will not think bad of any living            ()
  thing.                                                                     ()   The Devil thinks that every
                                                                                   ()   new soul is foolish and lost.
  In evolution we will all to be kept             ()
  pure and we will keep getting                      ()
  newer freedoms.                                                ()   With the Devil as our guide
                                                                                    ()   we can compete for a prize that
  God loves the kindly seer.                             ()   is for our great satisfaction. 
  God will always reward the                           ()   The Devil never does the
  honest seeker.                                                     ()   same good thing twice. 
  God is growing.                                                    ()  The Devil is beautiful.
  God is the model for utter                               ()  The Devil will not harm you
  simplicity.                                                              ()  unless you want him to. 
  God gives us new hope                                      ()  The Devil is the oldest being
  forever.                                                                    ()  that lives.
  When we are old we are new                            ()  The Devil cannot bear to
  to God.                                                                       ()  have the attributes of his
                                                                                        ()  famous kingship unheralded.
  If you can give up a safe haven                        ()  If you can cite his name to
  to a witless stranger, to provide a                  ()  glorify his presence He will
  a new home for this person, you                     ()  reward you.
  will live forever. God loves this.                      () The Devil loves this.




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