George Forss – Ginofor Gallery Study

30 Nov

I take a picture of the sunflowers in front of my gallery building every year.  I do this so I can make a print for Jack of  Jack’s Outback as a gift around X’mas time.  Jack takes care of my little garden and every year the sunflowers bloom to delight everyone.

I used a 1937 Zeiss Icon folding camera for this with its 105mm Tesser optic.  I like this camera because it give me the opportunity to make large and charming 6×9 format negatives just like my mother did for all of her portraits. 

George Forss

One Response to “George Forss – Ginofor Gallery Study”

  1. Chris McCarthy December 1, 2012 at 11:14 am #

    George I can’t see it posted?

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