George Forss – Cambridge Farm

24 Nov

I am fascinated with trees.  I can stand in front of a tree and it will become quite a moving experience.  Stupid me (lazy me), I don’t even know one tree from another.  I have a booklet that will tell me what tree is what but I don’t find myself using it.  Now, I don’t even know where the booklet is ?

Anyway, here is my latest tree.  This one is on Jon Kat’s new property.  I used a Linhof 4×5 camera with its 150 Symar optic.  I had to photograph this tree in a fierce wind.  Still, I do not see too much movement of the tree branches during my exposure. 

I am selling my B&W photography wholesale (my main game) for 1/2 my world price.  This is $375. for a fibre based archivally processed print up to 16 x 20.

I sell my digital color work and my mother’s Box Camera photography for $125.  I also will give free shipping on an order (a modern marketing ploy).

518  677-3288

George Forss


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