George Forss – The King Cobra Speaks

20 Nov

      I have something here – instructions for viewing a Youtube video I made – that is a visual record of what can be described as a metaphysical experience I had, or as I also describe as a mysterious happenning.  

    I believe that I have been channelling with some older living entities in the universe for some time.   This may be a big so what to you, like I am some kind of nut with a notion like this.  I invite you to look at this though.  There is something very odd going on here. 

    If you want to see what I have, go to your opening search engine window and search for my video with its title … “The King Cobra Speaks”   You should find this OK and also look for other short connecting videos.  The entire video is in four sections.   Look at TS 011, TS 012, TS 013 and TS 014.

Here is the texe page for my video:

The King Cobra Speaks


There are playful entities in the universe that can exist in a way that we cannot know. I know this is true from the experiences I have had with them.

This CD video will show you how I knew that one of them wanted to speak to me, and how I gave voice to this Alien. This was to happen when the Alien started speaking mediumistically, through me, just after I followed some instructions I found to be in my mind. I am obedient to this type of calling.


In August 2008, I got the idea to produce an unusually severe video about the Republican and Democratic conventions that were coming soon. I wanted to pit each presidential candidate type side by side with the skillful speeches that each of them would make during the conventions. I was very playful about doing this. I wanted my video to be entertaining as well as being honest … that this is the way of all mysterious happenings in the universe are when they are suddenly real and observable.


I have such a happening here. I must tell you that we all have an ability to communicate with such amazing beings … who have a playful veracity about them … once we open a channel to them. I am not kidding. The put the Cobra shadow on me !


How does one communicate with amazing beings ?


Yeah. Yeah.


So, how does this happen ? It is not easy. In fact, it doesn’t work if one arbitrarily desires to have such a channel opened. It has to happen when someone is either, the unwitting subject type for the Aliens through the workings of chance, or that someone makes a prayerful vow under the conditions of some dire stress that will attract an Alien encounter. The consideration of having something to offer that the Aliens will have fun with is critical. Again I say; I am not kidding ! This is why the Cobra is on my face.


I have been channelling with some playful Aliens for more than 30 years now. I wrote a 730-page book of wisdom with their help. There is one very critical aspect to all of this. This is summed up in the word God.


I had to have an utmost frame of reference in my writing all these years to describe what is the apex of all living, and in my Western mind I chose the word, God.


In the work that we can do with an Alien guide a kind of unerring excellence prevails. This has given me a touch of God in everything I do. Furthermore, I have a childlike open mind that believes I can channel with the Aliens because I want to.


Is all of this true ?


You know that old saying … the proof of the pudding is in the eating … Well, there is something very profound about the godly wisdom coming out of me from them.


See what you think.


George Forss



One Response to “George Forss – The King Cobra Speaks”

  1. artistbarbaragarro June 26, 2013 at 12:17 am #

    George, no can find the video to watch or listen to. All we can get at the library is your lovely face ;o}!

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