Norma Forss – Betty Hutton – Copper Trout Gallery

6 Oct

Yes ! 

Betty Hutton is at my photography show … tonight.  This is a photo my mom took of this Movie Star in 1939 or 1940.  My mother went around photographing Movie Stars for only two years … just before she got married.  I have a set of about 25 masterful portraits my mother did of the Stars when she could capture them in the NYC theater district in these days.

My mother used a Box Camera with Flash Bulbs.  She knew how to handle this type of camera better than anyone.


I have a framed print my The Copper Trout Gallery show and the reception is tonight !  Yes.  I can make a large digital print of this portriat for $65. 

Place : Copper Trout Gallery 1163 route 313    The reception is 4 to 7p.m. Cambridge NY 12816                             518  677 8797   518  6773288  

George Forss

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