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George Forss Photography Copper Trout Gallery Show

14 Sep

I have a new show in my area starting soon.  You are invited for our reception.  The details about this show I will blog tomorrow.  It is late night and I am tired.  The photo here is my rendering of one of the unique sculptures the gallery owner, Nancy Krauss, has on exhibit for the summer.  Nancy wants me to do all of them as a project all its own.  This one is Princess Sirena.  Each sculpture is a different Princess.  The spelling is correct.  This is the way it is on the sculpture.  You have to see these.  Nancy should charge admission for her events. 

Good night all.  George

Ginofor Gallery Artists Norma Forss

8 Sep

Ginofor Gallery Artist Norma Forss

8 Sep

I want to feature the artists at my gallery and I decided to feature this image my mother took in the 1960 – 1966 period of her life.   My mother had the most uncanny ability of posing her subjects.  She would take her time – a long time – in getting her subjects to look just right before she would fire her camera.  The odd thing is that she was not very technical about cameras.  She was more like an artist working on a canvas (watching and posing her subjects until they looked pefect in every way).   She took pictures with a Box Camera to boot !

I sell my mother’s photography as a digital print product.   I have 84 of my mom’s images on a CD disk I also sell.  The disk production is $8.00 plus $2.00 shipping.   This is a special get aquanted price for the disk.

An 8×10 digital print is $65.  George Forss  38 West Main Street  Canbridge, NY 12816  518  677-3288

Ginofor Gallery Artists – Ron Favata

6 Sep

I am fascinated by Ron Favata’s sculptures.  I have a few of them on display in my gallery at any given time.  This one, “Gunslinger”, is available.  I sell Ron sculptures for $220.  plus $20. shipping

The way that Ron creates these can be explained the way that he speaks about his work.  Ron says there is a Godly hand guiding him.  Ron is very religious in this way.

I made a film about this artists’ work.  I made the film to protest the lack of recognition that many creative people experience if they are not very well coiffed and spoken for socialites.   My film is entitled “Can you do something like this ?”  This CD film is available for $8.00 plus $2.00 shipping.

Can you ?

I better shut up.

Gunslinger says … “There is not enough room in this town for the two of us !”

George Forss  38 West Main Street  Cambridge, NY 12816  518  677-3288  Facebook/George Forss

Ginofor Gallery artists – Ron Favata

6 Sep

Ginofor Gallery Artist Lynne knobel

1 Sep

Ginofor Gallery artist Lynne Knobel

1 Sep

I have an art gallery in Cambridge, NY I founded in 1989.  This is  The Ginofor Gallery.  When I started I didn’t know what to do so I opened an art gallery.  The real estate person who helped me thought I should use my new place – a store front on Cambridge Main Street – as a studio for my photography.  I do use this place for my photography.  I discovered that many artists will come to a gallery all the time to get themselves represented by a new one if they can.  This is when I really decided to have a gallery with an open door policy !  After a while I found that I was representing up to 40 local artists.  This has been a great experience for me.

I am still doing this.  The artist I am illustrating here is Lynne knobel.  She has especially endearing soulfull (is this a word?) oil painting studies of animals, like the red fox you see here.  She captures a painting of wildlife from a hill top cabin she owns in the woods … that she can use as a blind.

I am selling this painting for$ 400.  Remember, I have up to 40 artists at my gallery.  If you are looking for art come to my place at  38 West Main Street.  Cambridge, NY 12816   518  677-3288   Web

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