George Forss Photography – Hot Air Balloon

26 Sep

Houston, we have a Balloon afloat over Cambridge !

Yes, even though we have a Hot Air Balloon Festival in June in my town I was not able to get any photos of them during this year’s event.

But someone has a Balloon launch in Cambridge anyway.   I have been hearing the unmistakable sound of a Balloon hot Air machine over my house and one time I decided to investigate.   Sure enough, there was one right over the town.  So, the next time I could hear an approaching balloon I ran out the door and went to a likable place to photogragh it.  Someone in town has a balloon.

A good vantage point for this is the parking lot behind Hubbard Hall.   Here is a recent picture of the balloon ablaze over a tree that I like.  It is up in the sky amidst some chemtrails.  Phoey for this.  I am thinking of taking out these trails in a computer image enhancing program I have.   Here is the original version.  The trails do add some drama ?

I am selling my digfital pictures for $65. right now for an 11 x 14 print.  I make a good print on deluxe Ebson digital paper.

Check out my new show at the Copper Trout Gallery.  See my blog about this.   38 West Main street  Cambridge New York  518  677-3288

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