Ginofor Gallery Artist Norma Forss

8 Sep

I want to feature the artists at my gallery and I decided to feature this image my mother took in the 1960 – 1966 period of her life.   My mother had the most uncanny ability of posing her subjects.  She would take her time – a long time – in getting her subjects to look just right before she would fire her camera.  The odd thing is that she was not very technical about cameras.  She was more like an artist working on a canvas (watching and posing her subjects until they looked pefect in every way).   She took pictures with a Box Camera to boot !

I sell my mother’s photography as a digital print product.   I have 84 of my mom’s images on a CD disk I also sell.  The disk production is $8.00 plus $2.00 shipping.   This is a special get aquanted price for the disk.

An 8×10 digital print is $65.  George Forss  38 West Main Street  Canbridge, NY 12816  518  677-3288

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