Ginofor Gallery artist Lynne Knobel

1 Sep

I have an art gallery in Cambridge, NY I founded in 1989.  This is  The Ginofor Gallery.  When I started I didn’t know what to do so I opened an art gallery.  The real estate person who helped me thought I should use my new place – a store front on Cambridge Main Street – as a studio for my photography.  I do use this place for my photography.  I discovered that many artists will come to a gallery all the time to get themselves represented by a new one if they can.  This is when I really decided to have a gallery with an open door policy !  After a while I found that I was representing up to 40 local artists.  This has been a great experience for me.

I am still doing this.  The artist I am illustrating here is Lynne knobel.  She has especially endearing soulfull (is this a word?) oil painting studies of animals, like the red fox you see here.  She captures a painting of wildlife from a hill top cabin she owns in the woods … that she can use as a blind.

I am selling this painting for$ 400.  Remember, I have up to 40 artists at my gallery.  If you are looking for art come to my place at  38 West Main Street.  Cambridge, NY 12816   518  677-3288   Web

George Forss

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