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Norma Forss – Tough Guy002 sml file

25 Aug

Norma Forss - Tough Guy002 sml file

Norma Forss “Tough guy” NYC Central Park 1950’s

25 Aug

This is a picture of a child my mother was baby sitting.  She took him to Central Park and posed him as you see here.  Is there a more expert posing of children than this ?  I am always amazed when I study one of my mom’s photos.

I make digital photos of Norma Forss portraits.   $65. for 11×14 size  $10 shipping.

Cosmos Flowers

18 Aug

Cosmos Flowers – The Universe in all things

18 Aug

I saw this cluster of flowers at the Community Garden in my town.  I was told that all of these flowers were Cosmos Flowers.   Yes, indeed, I can see the universe in this spread of flowers the way I always do when I see a happenstance group of items anywhere (pure chance).  Somebody planted these of course.  They started a ‘Big Bang’ of them !

I was careful  to photograph the Cosmos flowers with  a high quality Canon EOS camera and its super wide zoom lens.  

I sell my digital prints for $65. and $10. shipping.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery

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Forss & Forss 1939 to 2012

13 Aug

New images and Events

7 Aug

Hi world …

              I have some new images here and an idea about events at my Ginofor Gallery.

              I want to have events for serious music lovers and also very unusual art films I make.  I will start to do some audio shorts and videos about these soon.

              I am also an author.  I write about God, Aliens and Humanity in the universe in a very entertaining and truthful way.  I CAN DO THIS BECAUSE I HAVE AN ALDROIT COMMUNICATION WITH THE FORRUNNERS OF HUMANITY.  I say this boldly and bluntly because it is all here.  I am not kidding.  I have a self published book entitled “Enos” .  You can check this out on your search engine.     

              Go to George Forss on Google or such and read about it.  I sell some books through my gallery and I give it away via an Internet E mail. 

              E – mail me at and I will send it to you as a Adobe reader file.  I will also send it as Notepad scroll and a Word Perfect file

Forss photography New pictures and Mom’s Hollywood Stars

3 Aug