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Norma Forss Photography 1930 – 1980

14 Jul

My mother, Norma Forss, did portraits of children in the most magical period of photography.  I have all of her negatives and I am restoring them by scanning them into a computer as image files.  I am able to fix all the flaws in her negatives … scratches, stains, fading of her color negatives, spots and holes and even some that are torn.  These are reborn now as perfectly new images, as though tye were just created. 

What I cannot do … what no one can do … is pose her subejcts the way that my mom did.  I think the world should see these now.  The one I illustrate here is a portrait of a young girl named Adelia.  This photo was taken in 1937.  You can see the new completed world icon … the ever majestic Empire State Building in the distance … before it had an antenna put on its roof .  I actually can count about 1000 portraits my mother took and the most amazing thing about them is how perfectly posed each subject is.  My mother would not take a picture unless the subject at hand was coerced into postering themselves with directions from my mother that could take up to one hour !  I know because I was there; I remmember that it was quit an ordeal to be photograhed by Norma Forss … and the result was always as though the subject was beautifully posed in an instant as happens with a lucky shot we take here and there.  You will see amny of my moms porrtaits on this blog.  I made a CD book about my mom with 84 portaaits in it and three text files.  I can sell this for $8.00 plus $2.00 shipping.

Every picture my mother ever took shows her amazing mastery of her craft, and what is surprizing is that the bulk of her portraits were done with a simple box camera !

A can sell a large 8 x 10 digital print of Norma’s iamges for $85.  I use Epson paper and long lasting inks.

George Forss Photography

8 Jul

Selling George Forss images.  A couple of my images have high auction records.  I am still an active darkroom printer.  I also have many new pictures you will see and I am getting into digital photography now.

I have a digital of my QE II now for $125.   All my new digital color images are at this price also.

My world price is $750 up to 16 x 20.  1/2 of this world price is $375.   That $375. price is what I am offering on my blog.

Up to 11 x 14 $625.  1/2 this price direct from me.


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