Reversing the Rat Race Reversing the aging process

24 Mar

G Forss The puzzle about Noah's Ark small fileG Forss Nancy Mona Lisa 2 small fileReversing the Rat Race

Reversing the Aging Process

These two are the most impossible to reverse in all of our social and natural process systems. The Rat Race is the first and the most tearing, ever present, mechanism of social mayhem that no one person has ever designed. The process of aging, on the other hand, is the most unquestioned mechanism of Nature that has permeated the mindsets of every living creature in a wanted, primitive, way since Life evolved here.

To be more precise I have these two variations on the titles of these two also:



Notice that I am referring to these phenomenon items as though they about beings who are like children. We are still like children who do not fully ‘grow up’. We need to be completely universal, even in our newest science, in the way and sense that all natural creatures are designed to be continuously unschooled in any advanced science. Our way of learning for the sake of counteracting such purity is despoiling our natural world. We want to be so grossly learned while also maintaining our greed about having to have unchangeable cultures, unwarranted new science toys and a business acumen ideal propensity for the sake of having a freedom from such purity. So, in a sense, we do not care about having a much better way of advancing our science for better universal social living for all people. We do not want to ‘Spiritually’ grow in a more slow but sure way.

I can now propose a better way for our social living and a new Natural/Spiritual way of attaining more long-term youth attainment and a logical estimation about the earth’s ongoing ecosphere environment.

So, now it is I who am going to foist a new remedy for these issues. My answer is YES. The reason I am going to actually be able to introduce two totally new ways of reversing these seemingly unchangeable phenomenon’s is because I am connected to a force in the universe. This is a force that is able to address a remedy situation like these two when any ordinary creature, somehow (someone dopey like any creature or me), is able to get a response to a wish fulfillment notion from such a force … ANYWAY !

So, what do I have ? There is something I refer to as a Force for Betterment that will always make a living animal, the natural terrain, plant and fauna growth, as well as human type art and intelligence ideas and efforts more spiritually (wisely) beautiful and lastingly viable. This is a force then that is capable of giving us new, very fundamentally sound, ways of managing our societies. I say (I have found) that this force is completely unbiased. This means that we can be genuinely connected to a truer, natural, ideology for all creation that has always been here.

To reverse the Rat Race we have to make a younger person rich financially. We have to do this as their adult life is starting. We have to do this without all the rigorous peer pressure of our Rat Race madness that dictates that a young person will have be ‘made over again‘. This is a makeover that is away from the natural self. We want to do this in the way of every socially viable person becoming so Professional, Commercial and Popular among all those who have already done such a makeover.

To do this properly we have to finance a new ideal of wealth attainment for a young adult person by carefully illuminating a new program that will fund this expenditure by lowering the costs of many government programs that will not be needed so much any more. We have to also make a new adult person rich in the area of having a new great hope that is purely godly because is of a new great freedom and the fostering of truthfulness that such a wealth attainment will garner. This will, in essence, be a new Bill of Rights for all people. A young person will get around $9,000 annually starting when they are born (a living stipend account) that they can ‘cash in’ when they reach a full maturity and are starting their adult world life. This amount comes to about $180,000 in twenty years. If two people get married they will have $360,000 !

You can say that, uh … “We cannot do something like this ! You cannot have our young people living with so much wealth and freedom. They will not be able to handle themselves properly in our society. Our enemy’s will wipe us out ! We will no longer have a strong military !” This is true except for the fact that there is a New World of youth dawning right now … anyway ! There is new worldly youth on the scene right now. They will all be on their smart phones talking about a glorious new situation like this that is dawning in our country, if we can start something like this, then those of another country will want the same thing for their own world. A ‘situation’ like this is actually a good step toward continuous world peace. There is an actual homogenisation taking place in human evolution that is slowly making us all so much the same that we will no longer want to be so biased about our cultural differences and being so primitive (always making wars for glory). I have a fun twenty-year interim period forecast to enact our new Bill of Rights.

About a Natural/Spiritual way of someone being able to enhance his or her youth (reversing the aging process) for a longer time. What I have is a way (a Neo-Scientific way) of doing so that has nothing to do with new cosmological science technology that is a consistent growing wont in our world right now. In my view this is science that is an unwarranted greedy human trend propensity.

You can say this is a great new development for human kind and I do not have a human-smartness-logical-argument against this kind of new science. My concern is that we will have not truly earned our new technologically enhanced youth and we will have to pay for all of our new science later. I am aware that we can probably go on as we are doing for quite a long time … like even some thousands of years … so this is a big …

“Who Cares ?”.

My proposal is not going to cost us in the long run because it is a kind of science that is involved with a natural process – ANYWAY – and we will not get the benefits of reversing some of our aging if it is not earned. I don’t even have some converts to cite. I haven’t been able to get anyone to try the steps involved in my youth enhancing methods.

I am my own guinea pig though. I have been maintaining and magically curing a few old age ills that I was experiencing plus other magical stuff. I write my books because I am told to. I know that here is a faultless authority connected to what I am doing.

I am old. I will 76 in May. I have old hair and the top of my head has age spots. I have what my wife calls “Wispy Whites” I can pull my thin hair out of my scalp !

I am also rather young looking in my skin and face. I can walk and bicycle for a few miles. I am playing my harmonicas freely these days. I could never do this before ? My gyros are very good. I can stand on one foot and hold it. Even on my right leg foot which had a broken ankle condition. My injury was so bad that the doctors could not operate on my leg because my ankle was so badly swollen. They wanted to put two steal plates on either side of my right leg ankle. I was told that I would have a crippled leg after the severe swelling condition ended because they could not operate on me in the short span of time required after such an injury. I have documentation of this.

When I was 71 I almost had a heart attack. I was sick suddenly and my heart was beating at 178 beats per second. I was rushed to Glens Fall Hospital and they got my heart to calm down. They told me that one of my heart valves had stopped. I was OK but I had to take a bunch of Medicine‘s, like … from now on, kid … in order to survive. My blood pressure was 190 +. More recently, I had a flare-up of my Diabetes. My doctor had informed me that I needed Insulin tablets or shots and to follow a very strict diet.

I was told years ago that I have a pending Diabetes prognosis. Now, I can say … NOW … I do not have any of this. My heart is like a normal heart and now my blood sugar is low. I am not on any meds right now. I believe that I am in good contact with a Force for Betterment in the proper way. I do not keep any situations of doom in my mind, much like a truly wild animal. A wild animal like this, one in a perfectly natural setting will only get sick once and then die … not even knowing what happened ! The trick is to be this way in our mindset. My new book can teach you how to do this.

The details of all of the ‘logic’ of spiritual living are in my latest books. One is being published right now. I will be happy to send you a Rich Text file version of my writings for free if you want to explore new world situations like my proposal’s here. My e mail …

I have some rather religious pictures recently that are intriguing to me.

It is odd that I could capture some famous art and religious themes in these ?

A look at my recent blog shows a pose I did so that I would look like the Rodin art …

  “The Thinker”

A look at a blog I did about three years ago shows me in an Adam and Eve scene with Mother Nature giving Adam and Eve an apple.

Attached here is my picture of someone that became another art …

“Mona Lisa”

Another new picture is one I did of someone’s Noah’s Ark Puzzle.

It is a puzzle that the flash from my Smart Phone was highlighted on the ramp that the animals climb up on ?

George Forss  38 West Main Street Cambridge, New York  12816

Life in front of us in Outer Space

27 Feb

g-forss-dhw-i-am-so-happy-to-see-myself-in-art-small-fileI haven’t been doing  so many blogs.  I am like  a lot of people who were caught short in a new energy of change all around us. It seems as though the universe has made a turn of the great Kaleidoscope that governs periodic changes for us all the time.  We should have fun with this but it is very disconcerting when sudden changes we did not expect are upon us all of a sudden.

I have been getting some flak about my theorem concerning life in other regions of our solar system.  I have also been getting into a bad mindset about my so called ‘Findings’.

I know that just getting old is a part of my malaise.

One of my ‘Findings’ says that we are alone as a life form in our universe.  My ‘Findings’ are suppose to be so accurate.

OK   We do not know what is going on in front of us. This is what I say. The science fact about this that even a fool like me knows is that the universe we see ‘out there’ is only a view out of our rear view mirror.  Everything we see; all the stars and galaxies are in the past behind us. If we travel in this direction we will be going backwards as well (backwards in time).

So, what do we see in front of us ?   It is not possible for us to see anything because we are not able to see a vast universe in front of us.  We can only see what has passed us or is moving ahead with us as we go along.


What does this mean ?  Do we only see rearward because w e are spinning rearward ?


We have amazing technology in play now with our telescopes in space.  We now know of a star that has eight planets around its sun’s orbit that are like the planets around our sun.

You can say that this is all we need to know and we will find life in this area od space next.

How far back is this place though ?  And if we do find life here will it be some life forms living in the past that we can only see with our telescopes.  This is time travel indeed.  Can we all get together and have a meeting ?  The answer is NO.

So, if I am saying that we are the only life form in the universe then we have to delve into the issue of a non possible union with such life forms.  We  can all go to were they are and … uh, forget this.

There may be some kind for life right in front of us that we just cannot see ?

Do they come here to fool around ?   Is this where the Greys are coming and going from ?

We have strange mysteries that we can never know truth about. What kind of forces govern these ?  Who killed Marilyn Monroe ?  Why is it that we know about Alien abductions and sightings and yet know one has ever seen an Alien body or a piece of their flying saucers on our media or in a museum ??


My special lady is having an art show in the Salem, NY  Court house coming up.  Donna Wynbrandt is special with her outstanding entertaining mystical art.

I have some samples illustrated in this blog.

Donna’s show starts of March 9, which is also the reception day.  Salem Court house is located just off route 22 at the one traffic light in the center of town.  Make a right here if you are coming north into town.  Make a left if  you are coming south into Salem.  You will see the court house a few blocks down as you now travel along.  If you are coming from outer space you have to stop in a good figurative near orbit to us and really stand still and wait out our passage of time until we age to be in an equal time you are now in.

These are very large art selling for $150.

George Forss  / Ginofor Gallery  38 West Main Street  Cambridge, NY 12816  518 677-3288









5 Feb

I have been using my smart phone to take quick pictures when I see something I want to get a picture of.  I am very keen on my new images but I am being criticized about the coloration of my organic subjects.

I am having fun photographing organic subjects.  I have some farm vegetables and fruit, a human foot, an old fur coat and what I am calling “Spiritually Entangled Trees”.  These pictures are  so easy to take with a smart phone but I do want to get to my spiritual trees location again with a large format camera to make an Ansel Adams picture with them.  The picture here shows two trees that  were born together with both of their trunks touching on the ground and their branches expressively reaching up and out only as a tree can do.

It is true … “There is nothing more beautiful than a tree” This is true for all ‘Organics’ in Nature

Well, one thing I cannot do much about is the actual color of some winter squash I photographed.  These are very dull in coloration.  I could add some color in Adobe but this would throw off the colors of other fruit and vegetables in my pictures.

These pictures are probably ruined, it seems, but I  will post them anyway.

One good thing that you should notice.  A smart phone takes a sharp picture without a tripod. It also makes 3D looking images. And another thing, yeah … everything near and far is recorded sharply.

One more thing, uh … I mistakenly titled a picture with two grapefruits … “Two Oranges” I am sorry about this. These two fruit caught my ‘eye’ when  I saw some sunlight on them and noticed that they were kissing each other.  Organics can do this !

Mt two trees are embracing each other for many years (growing togethter).








A mighty warrior that knows how to win

22 Jan

g-forss-george-as-the-thinker-b-w-title-page-softer-andOur new President is such a warrior.  I don’t know if this is a compliment.


I am defeated by this man.  The Republican hierarchy (even though they are back on top now) and also the Democrat Hierarchy.

A warrior has to win.  The only way to defeat a warrior is to win over one. A warrior will do whatever it takes to win. This is what is happening to all of us ‘softies’.

I was told that we need to  recount the election results.  This did not happen even though Jill Stein raised $5 million dollars to fund this activity.  Some authority said that this was not necessary because it would not make any difference in the election results. To me, this is all the more reason to do something like this.  Checking the election results would surely calm all the ‘sofies’ and bring closure to this matter.  This makes me think that the warrior won in this matter.


The implication here (from my authority) is that we would find some missing votes ?

I know I am a nut who says he is communicating with a faultless authority.  This source has proven to be very knowing and accurate.

I was told, flat out, In one of my erstwhile ‘Finding Sentences’ that Donald Trump would not be the President of the United States.  I was wrong.  I guess like a lot of people we could not imaging Donald actually succeeding !

Warriors don’t think like this.  They just win in any way that they can.


I have a new book being published and I created a picture that I hope will be a real ‘grabber’.  A grabber of the mind and not the %^&* .

I want to use this picture with white lettering like you see in my attachment. I think this is very affective. Quite a few people have told me that they like this version of my picture.

We all hope for the best !


The Thinker

14 Jan

I just did this post but my image is not fully coming up.  I found out that I only have the lowest paying post when I was supposed to have the $79 a year one ??

I paid this anew and now I am trying to add my Thinker photo.


Please excuse the confusion.  I find that  I am not able to get my full image on this post ?


I will try to fix this later.


Here it is.


It turns out that I am not such a good thinker with my post technical but I got it now !


The Thinker

14 Jan

I have a new book being published and I wanted to create a photo for this book cover that would be a grabber.

I decided to pose myself as The Thinker sculpture by Rodin.  I did this very well.  My Donna helped me.  She observed my posing and fired the camera that I set up while observing me.

I am getting some feedback so far about this photo.  Three people liked it and three have some reservations about my Thinker posing.  I do look just like the Thinker statue in my posing.

I want to have a cover photo for my new book that is a grabber.  I am one of the people who has reservations about this photo.  I have to say so. To me this image is too scary.


I am sorry that I have not been doing my blog lately.  I have been in a deep funk.

My book is entitled …


                      The Fountain of Youth

A Fountain of Good Health and Youthfulness

A Fountain of Independence and Happiness


My book is a small paper back book that can sell for about $9.00 ($3 E book).  So, if you are looking to buy a book and if you saw my book along with other books on a table, WOULD YOU WANT ONE ?

George Forss  38 West Main Street  Cambridge, NY 12816   518  677-3288

Visit my gallery  Buy my photos for $20 for 8 1/2 X 11

Look at my past blogs for many of my new images


Thank You




A New World for humanity without Ra Ra

12 Dec

A New World for humanity without Ra Ra

I am writing a new book soon about a world scene for humanity without the dominance of Ra Ra.

My title for this book is the heading title I have for this blog.

I recently sent e-mail to a publisher that I am connected with. I was very afraid that my standing with this company was waning. In my e-mail I proposed two new books that are on my mind that I think they should know about. One new book proposal is a writing that I have to do because it is a ‘Calling’ that I have to do so. My second book though is not a book that I have to write. This book is actually an idea I have for a commercial book. I got the idea for my second book proposal from two new ‘Findings’ that I am trying to deal with. I do not want to go with these but I must. I am obligated to do a new blog about a new finding when I get these so this is what I have here.

It turns out that my publisher wants to publish one of my recent books after all ! This is my book entitled …

A Fountain of Youth

            Fountain of Independence

                   A Fountain of Good Health and Happiness


Ra Ra ? My letter to my publisher explains this new situation for me …


Letter to a publisher

Hello to ,

I want to try to represent my writings to your company anew to propose two new books. Mind you, these are very fanciful writings coming from a character like me … just like all my recent writings. I believe I have a good idea, though, this time with one of my new book proposals. I know I am not so popular in the world these days and that I can only write well in a non -commercial way. This is a real problem for any writer, for sure, but this may be OK for me, soon. I say this because we are all getting involved in a rapidly changing world for a new kind of betterment we will be coming to know. This is something I want to get involved in. I have the right to boldly speak my mind this way because I have been active in approaching such a New World for some 35 years or so. I believe there is something like a New World developing with new youth that are more universally respectful of other youth. I say this despite the latest trends – in all the Media – showing despotic hedonism everywhere.

The Hippies called such an approaching New World the Age of Aquarius.

Of course the whole movement fell apart as being a good part of any culture these days. Worse than this, prevalent modern realities for some time have been telling anyone like me to simply ‘go away’ but this reality is changing ! We will know more when our youth mature to become New World political leaders. I want to believe this. This new Age of Aquarius will be in full force around 2300 or so.

My first book proposal is a book I am writing in response to a genuine ‘Calling’ that I have. I have a title for this book. I am told to use this title … “A New World for humanity without Ra Ra”.

Ra is the name of the sun god of Heliopolis. This is a universal creator worshipped throughout Egypt. A double sounding of the Ra Ra god is used by the Aliens to describe the behavior of people everywhere who believe they will only live once and therefore they are to properly achieve a one and only success for themselves in every culture of our world. This is so they will be happy about being formidable in this life only. This topic is on page 253 of my book ENOS.

This book is already written in my head. I know exactly what this book will contain.

My second book proposal is actually about a commercially viable writing.

I have been writing my recent blogs as a diary to showcase some amazing new finds (Findings) for our world. The list of these is quite intriguing to me. The list of my diary blog items headings can be a title and subject for the chapters of such a book that can appeal to basic mass book readers. This book coming from me alone is no good but if science and religious experts of the community at large were to want to explore what my new writings ‘Findings’ were portending then a new book like this would be in the offing. Still (this is so obvious), no publisher will want to do this book. I do have something new now that should make this possible. I have two new “Findings” that I am trying to deal with. A ‘Finding Sentence’, or a finding, is a mysterious bit of knowledge/wisdom that I will be privy to. I know a ‘Finding Sentence’ when I have one when it will not go away from a very specific feeling of real truth that will come over me… that will accompany such a find. I will wait for such a finding to fail but if it does not then I know I have a new ‘Finding Sentence’.

What I have are two new Findings about the U. S. Presidential election that are going to put it all on the line for me. I am afraid of this. I really have two new Findings about the U.S. Presidential election coverage ? I believe so.

My first Finding said this … “You have to ??? the election results” I cannot recall the actual word that was used in this sentence but it has to do with a recounting of the results of the recent presidential election in the U.S. This ‘Finding Sentence’ is implying that there is something wrong with the given results.

My second Finding said this … “Donald Trump will not be President of the United States.” This one came to me just like this. Now I did it. This is what I said to myself.

So, my second book could be billed as an adventure with a heady title like … “Exploring the unknown with George Forss Findings.”


Here is a list of my recent Findings data on my blog ( >>> forssblog <<<) ….

August 28, 2014 How a miracle can happen

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August 21, 2016 Excerpt from page 359 of ENOS … about churches

August 30, 2016 The universe believes in you

October 6, 2016 A force for betterment

November 12, 2016 The phenomenon of the perfect fool


Can this writing be construed as being the catalyst for another new blog I will write ? How can I accept my latest Findings, though, knowing that I am probably acting out these as Findings when they may be just some wish fulfillment on my part ? We are all impressed with Donald Trump all of a sudden. He is a purposeful warrior of some kind who knows how to win. I tell people that trump is a New Yorker. This counts for something good. I do not follow any politic. I voted for Hillary because Bernie Saunders said we should do so. I am a Socialist for a one world kindly order somehow.

I do know a ‘Finding’ in my head when one comes to me … and these never fail ! I am just a normal error prone person but I am also the kind of perfect fool that the universe God Force can communicate with. I know this. I know my Findings are like Gospel.

Thanks for your time,

George Forss


I do not want to tell who my publisher is just yet. I have a fear that I may be in trouble because of the new ‘Findings’ I write about here. I will know right away what my new status is.

I have some new pictures of NYC attached that were taken with my smart phone. I find that there is a special magic in the pictures I take with this instrument. I have an entertaining sarcastic eye with my smart phone.

Thanks for your time !



New sneakers


A new book to read


A sign of our times


Graffiti wall boards


Chinatown bakery


Fish in a storefront window