More NYC plus two B&W landscape scenes

3 Oct

I have a good slide show going in my gallery. I can put some more NYC and the museums here.

I also have two traditional large format scenes taken with a focusing cloth over my head. This is still the richest way to pursue photography to me.

I am fascinated by the small flash on pocket cameras that can illuminate a scene so well. I think this is an art all by itself ! Yeah … handling the small cameras. I am good at this.

I can sell = you can buy. This is my new mathematical equation. Buy any picture you see in my blogs.

I will sell you an 81/2 x 11 100% cotton digital thick paper print for $20. Add $6. for shipping.

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KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Famous family group at the Whitney Museum

G Forss  Window from India  Met

Window from India at the Met

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

New WTC Tower area complexities

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

My flash picture of the 9 11 museum glass wall

G Forss  Large Oak Tree  165mm copy new fix all nature

Large Oak Tree View camera

G Forss  3 stitch 4x5 pictures from George's pool

View of Nancy’s farm from the Battenkill River

29 Sep

I took a week off in NYC during the 9/11 anniversary.  I wanted to see the new Whitney Museum and go to the 9/11 museum. I also wanted to go to the Metropolitan Museum  to see the new John Singer Sargent show.  I went to all of these places and they were packed with people … I mean PEOPLE !   I was so astonished by the people who were at these places that I started to photograph the people I saw in relationship to the art works they were so imbued with.  I said to myself … “These people are nuts !”   I mean … people go to these major museum places to either be truly moved (or blown away) by the art, Make a display of themselves or to show off their own artistic attire.  The juxtaposing of people around great art go me going. These people were doing their own ‘thing’ and so was I !

I have about 35 new pictures in a flash drive I am going to run in my gallery.

Here are some PEOPLE !

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

“Donna and Jimmie at the Whitney Museum”

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

“Imaging E Hopper figure studies”

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

“Torso one and two at the 9/11 Museum”

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

“Four sisters from South Dakota”

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

“Viewing the Bellow’s Dempsey fight painting”

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

“Donna and a lady who has a rock band”

Life came first and then the universe

7 Sep

Page 31  ENOS

John “Wait ! . . . answer me first . . . Did you just say before that you are people from

a different plane of existence now, but you are originally from here ?”

The female Alien [looking at John]   YES  WE ARE ALL FROM THIS SOLAR



There is a very strange atmosphere around us now. It’s like love ! It’s making us

feel good . . . real good. Hmm . . .

This is a short excerpt from my book ENOS on page 31.  In this book there is a prolonged conversation that takes place between four hippies who are conducting such a long conversation, even though they do not know this.  I created this abduction scenario in order to do my book.

I am not alone in the writing for this book.  It is the most telling book about humanity in the universe ever written.  I have been writing out the multiple mindsets logic and wisdom of this tome from 1983 until 2007. This is a long period of writing that is driven by the communication that I have with some kind of Alien authority.  No one can convince me that my writing is other than this.

In 1969 I met some Hippies who were claiming to have been abducted by Aliens. One of them had a small school notebook with the actual words of the Aliens.  I was intrigued by this writing right away.  It is still the most potent writing I have ever read.

My book ENOS is under a Kirkus Revue right now.  There is also another writing expert looking through my tome.

Enos has not been very successful, except for some kindly friends of mine and about 30 people who have bought this book … and about 250 that I have e mailed ENOS to for free to as a PDF file.  Send me an e mail address and you can have a copy.

Let’s see what Happens.  My Kirkus review will be ready in mid November.

There are so many seemingly ridiculous claims in ENOS which is stopping it from having a ready success.  ENOS is not a commercial venture.  ENOS is opposed to all the commercial madness that is so prevalent now.  In ENOS we are warned about a puritanical God Force that rules our universe in a very slow moving fashion.

Look at the claim that starts this blog.  Life came first and then the universe.  WHA !!  How can this be ?

Another claim in ENOS …  We are the only life in this universe.  WHA !  (again)

Keep one thing in mind right now.  We do not know about any other life in this universe yet.  We are also not certain that life started after this universe was founded.

Let’s see what happens !

Here are some new pictures that people like.  I sell them in my gallery and on order for $35.  I can make an archival grade 100% cotton 8 1/2 x 11 print. for this price. Add $15 for shipping.

Back up on my blogs to see many other pictures I can make to sell.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery  38 West Main Street  Cambridge NY 12816  518 677-3288

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

G Forss  Sunflower Head small file

Sunflower Head

G Forss  Panorama of Copper Trout farm field 7 stitch small file

Panorama of Nancy Krauss farm field  7 picture stitch

G Forss Symphony No. 8 “Who am I ?” A yearning to show oneself to God and the Devil

12 Aug

I am afraid that I am right when I can say that someone will want to express themselves in such a way that they are showing themselves to God and the Devil.  My symphony here is about this in a playful natural way.  There is no intellectual prowess in the person/subject of my symphony.  The subject of this symphony, indeed, the presence in this work is very real to me.  This is a young woman who is expressing herself in six different ways.  There is a poem on page 340 of my book ENOS that I use for the six movements for this symphony …

I am not alone

I am a poet

I am mysterious

I am happy

I am bold

I am wild so that I can be beautiful in life.

What I mean when I say “God” is different than you would think.  There is a God in every universe !  This is a strong force.  This is all that it is. This is a force for living joy perfection.  This is a force that will maintain anything that has achieved a state of perfection of its kind.  This is nothing more than a given functionary that is flourishing with all life forms … in any universe !  This is what I am told.  Check out my last four blogs to get a complete picture of what I am about.

The young woman in my symphony is showing herself in the six movements of this symphony. Ultimately showing herself to the Devil as well.   I didn’t plan any of this.  All my symphony’s are created when I am in a somewhat metaphysical state of mind and a presence comes into my symphony creation process.  You should read the text page of this symphony attached here to know more.

G Forss  CD Cover for G Forss Symphony No. 3

G Forss  Text for G Forss Symphony No. 3  Who am I

The Grays

26 Jul

Someone contacted me by phone and wanted to chastise the writing I did in the blog just before this one.  This person said they were abducted by Aliens (the grays) and that these beings are not stupid nor insane at all.  The caller also wanted to correct my spelling … uh, I had ‘The Greys’ and it should be ‘The Grays’. I corrected this. Thank you caller.

I don’t even know if my grammar is correct here or elsewhere at any time !  I do take advantage of computer grammar checking.  I must admit that I did not do this kind of check.  I should become a better writer by taking a course in basic English grammar ?  If I say that I do not want to clog up my brain cells with boring factual writing techniques and grammar you have to understand where I am coming from.  Something about me is just right for the divining with Aliens (a faultless authority) that gives me such truthful insights about almost everything. I am not kidding.  I am a headstrong fool.

I think that a wise saying of old says it all.  “God speaks through fools”.  This Is not one of my Finding Sentences.


I will do this here.  [big deal]  This is my devils advocate self that likes to have a terse comment in my writing.  It always speaks in brackets.  Hey ! This is a bit of expert grammar !

Anyway, what is so exciting to me is the fact that I had  person to talk to who says that they had an Alien abduction experience !  This person did not want to go into the details about his Alien abduction experience.  I bill myself as an UFO investigator.  This I did without any authoritative schooling place for such, if there is any ? I like to interview anyone who says that they have had any experience with Aliens at all ??  What I do is use my experienced truth feeling out ability to determine if the person I am interviewing is telling the truth or not.  I know that real truth has a specific feeling to it that cannot be denied.

[What are you supposed to be, an absolute truth determining guru ?]  Hah.  I know I am having fun with my writing when my Devils advocate self has something to say.  I am not a truth guru.  I do like the idea of someone having such an ability.  I do have some truth awareness in my head when I am receiving a genuine ‘Finding Sentence’.  This is the term I use to describe some wise insight that I am aware of suddenly … that contains some kind of faultless info about a subject … that I know is truth … that I know is going to have long-term effectiveness … that I didn’t ask for in the first place.   Is this absolute ?  No.

I do not believe or find that the person who called me is truthful or not.  This person’s simple report about having an Alien abduction experience is somewhere in between truth and fiction.  This I was able to pick up on.  I think most people who say that they saw an Alien flying saucer want to belong to the … “I saw an Alien Flying Saucer” club. I put this forward like a spoken statement.  We do have some undeniable recorded visuals of some kind of intelligent life activity that is not entirely of this earth garden realm.  I think that these are showing us something that is between actual and fantasy;that there are some kind of apparently physically active entity behavior scenes and yet they are not altogether here.

I know how to clear this whole controversy up.  It is so simple.

When we have government elections coming up people should vote for the person who says that they will come on television with an Alien body in their hands.  This will end the controversy for sure.   We should vote in such a candidate.  I think anyone who says they will find out where they keep the Alien bodies and bring one out to show the public is a good candidate for office in these modern times.  Is this possible.  It should be.

I do have a suspicion that there are no alien bodies anywhere in our world.  New leaders do find themselves declaring that there are no Alien bodies housed somewhere.  I remember a couple of new U.S Presidents making a such a declaration.

The Grays

The Grays are older than us. They are here somehow. We do not have any skeletons of them.  There are other phenomenal beings that we do not have any skeletons of.  We do not have any Big Foot bones.  Not really.

Of course, I am wrong !   I say … NOT YET !   [Wheeee]

I have some files to attach of Barbara Beckwith’s portraits of Alien entities that she says she did of them in person while she was with them over most of her life !  I think she was with them somehow.

When I look at these I can see some kind of reality.  The Aliens cannot come out here fully to give us a press conference. This I know.

Aunt Barbs abstract 3 unsigned (24 x 12)


Aunt Barbs abstract signed 1 (30 x 24)


Aunt Barbs another gray signed (28 x 22)


Aunt Barbs scary gray Signed (36 x 24)


G Forss Mohawk River at Half Moon 35mm  2400 Nessy streaming along small file

Nessy in the Mohawk river !  No.  I did a computer drawing.  No bones for this monster.

I sell my photography and I can make a print of the Alien portraits for you. Any G Forss picture.   $20. for an 8 1/2 x 11 100% cotton digital print.  Add $ 10. shipping.  You can order and pick up at my gallery also.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery  38 West Main Street  Cambridge, NY 12816  518 677-3288

Humanity in The Garden of Eden – A Complete Scenario

22 Jul

I believe I can now put together a complete scenario of humanity in our earth realm now.  This place is referred to in many religious writings as “The Garden of Eden”.  I never realized how truthful, scientifically, this description of our earth place is until recently.

This is a place that was designed to be a paradise owing to the workings of what I am going to refer to as ‘The First God’.

Humanity is in trouble soon. This is something I want to know more about.

Here is my three part scenario based on the latest findings that have come to my attention:


We are here in stages from a time when some other world (another universe activity) accidentally brought us here.  I am told that some other universe activity can trap some souls from their home world here. I am told that some advanced intelligence found themselves here in stages, mixing with some ape types through the ages. I am told when this happens – when any foreign intelligence arrives here – this new godly mentality will not be able to represent themselves fully. They will also only be able recompose in part to also become a part of what our universe of creatures is like to some degree.
This means that our universe is an Eden of amazing primitive life forms created by chance that are in a great love fest garden that is secure for many billions of years to come. These are the creatures of Nature who do not have a need to become grossly progressive with an increasing thirst for opulence and changeable ways.
Humanity, on the other hand, is here now and we want what we had before we came here. I am told we came here by workings of chance. I am told that this mix of gross universe type’s values is causing a new mania type of energy that has come about due to a war the God of this universe is wantonly waging for its own creatures survival with a thirsty new God that has found itself trapped here. I am told we are here now as a great force for another world’s modernity that is here from another universe. This is a war that was not decided upon here or somewhere. I am told a war like this happens just like a scenario that has a primitive beast wanting to fight to guard its kind from any others. This has to be so because humanity does not have a very long lineage of creature types like ourselves on the earth.  All of the more natural creatures of the earth do have a long lineage and they are always involved in a living here that is a love fest for them.  When the more natural beings encounter us their love fest is suddenly disrupted. They are stupid and vulnerable compared to us. They want to be just so vulnerable only to maintain the state of mind of their love fest for themselves for millions of years.  We cannot be like this. The natural First God of this universe is supporting these life forms in its godly way. So, it is very observable that changes that happen to the creatures of the natural world happen only in keeping with the slow progress of the earth planet over the billions of years of this planet’s life span.

I am told that we are slowly involving ourselves with a new God that will be enable humanity to stay here after all  … to ultimately fashion a secure world for ourselves on the earth. I am told that we cannot do this by continuing to be so undermining of the natural earth world the way that we have been doing during our entire existence here.  I am told we are up against something that is stronger than us no matter how smart we are. I am told that the strongest force we can know is the mindless immune system force of this physical universe. I am told that this is a force that will not show itself so readily but it will destroy us quickly if we are behaving in such a way that will trigger its vengeance. This is a puritanical force for purity in the physical universe. This is why I have another name for it; calling it The God Force.

The Gods

The Gods of old were real. I am aware of this after my new findings of 2015 about them. I say they were real because I am told they are dead now. They were trapped here and they had to find a way to survive so they intermitted themselves with humanity.  This went of for a long period of time.  We have a record of their activity going back some ten thousand years and more. We revered them when they were here not knowing of their leanly fate. I am told the way that they were active in our sky’s and in the construction of our cities is very real in these bygone days. I am also told they were mixed with our universe creature type of proportions and lusts also. I am told they wound up being powerfully bold and territorial much like a great beast would be.

I am told three things about the Gods: I am told did not decide to come here and then leave us alone after they developing many cultures for us. I am told we are the proper beneficiary of their prowess. I am told it may look like they were preparing ways and avenues to stay here but they could not survive in our overly powerful primitive mental state ideal of forced dominance as the only way to be successful here. I am told the God’s suffered a mental decline that killed them from the pressures of having to constantly parry with only the strong of their new community without some likable degree of tasteful reasoning stemming from a very chaste God they know in their home place.  The God’s could not find enough quality time of satisfaction with humanity even though they could overpower any natural adversary. They were also here with very weird heads and bodies and despite the honors and glory they received with their amazing abilities to fly and revel here, they were grossly insane and were not just like our ancient scriptures wanted to describe.

I am told they were driven to even fight amongst themselves like all beast do.


The ancient God’s could not found a peaceable kingdom here but we can.  We are given a great deal of time, by our time wise standards, to do this if we are aware of this universe fate ordering facility.  This is difficult to do.  So much so, mixed with the fact that we do not have any believable enough authority leading us … about such a necessary kingdom … that we are only concerned with a conglomeration of short term success syndromes and this is causing us to not think in a godly manner.  We don’t even know what this is !  Thinking in a godly manner has nothing to do with a God personage somewhere.  When something is godly it is at the optimum level of permanence in the universe; any universe. The Garden of Eden first God – with an unhampered natural evolution of magical creatures of lasting purity and beauty – has fostered a good life for all its creatures in an almost indescribable way.  We will acquire this permanence ourselves in our new universe if can follow a few simple guides of the wisdom that I am purporting in my writings.

Please do not think I am on an ego trip. All the claims in my writings are holding up after many years and the new 2015 information I have here will also.

We have had many successful advanced societies that have perished when the workings of The God Force took them out.  We have advanced knowledge now about the people of such prominence and we are also aware that some cultures of advanced people have literally disappeared from the earth. This is a puzzle that we need not know about.  It is better for us to learn how to survive on the physical earth as it is now.  NOW   It is better to be of no real mind about metaphysical phenomenon.  We do not need to know too much about creatures known as ‘The Grays’.  They are actually here longer than us living in a very strange way compared to our living standards.  They are here all the time but they do not figure in our long term survival.  They were seriously affected by the God Force when they came here (got trapped here).  They are crazy all the time like natural beasts in a way, doing stupid projects all the time.  They have evolved naturally in this way.  This is why they can stay here.  This is what I have been told about the Grays.

There is something that rules our entire world of commerce now.  It is something that the God Force will want to do away with.  I know this because I was told that this is so.  I keep saying in this writing that … I am told … I am told etc.  I am being very obedient to the source my ‘orders’, if you will.  So, when I say I am told … I AM TOLD

I am told that the next time The God Force gets activated (its immune system) it will have to take out the new entire world of war faring commerce we know now.  It is just that we have been going too far with this. Can you feel the weight of this pending comeuppance energy around us ?  I can.  What will we have left ?  Good news !  This may still take up to 10,000 years to happen, or only ten years.  So, the party goes on ?

This is something I have just been told in my divining process.

We need to survive for some thousands of years now without triggering the God Force. I think we have enough time to do right.  It is this simple.

I am going to put two magical pictures here. These speak about the magic of our universe without words.

3 G Forss  Rays of Life   for ENOS 1976

I took this picture in 1976. I could not know how to compose and focus so perfectly, let alone capture the suns rays as you see here.  I was very sick and laying under a small tree.  Read the opening chapter of my book “ENOS” for all the details.

G Forss Adam and Eve 2

I took this picture in 2014.  I was told to take this picture. I did what I thought best. I got myself and a friend to pose the way you see here.  I was told to find a setting where I could pose my subjects like Adam and Eve.  I was to have our clothes hanging on a tree next to us.  I added Mother Nature looming down over us handing us an apple.  I made a terrible mistake while I was photographing this scene. I had a 20 foot extension shutter release in play here so I could step on it to take the picture.  I figured everything out but I forgot to close my lens aperture down as I took some pictures and all the negatives on my roll of film were so dense that I could hardly make out the image.  So much for that, I said to myself.

About four months later I was told to do something … that there was a good picture to be had.  I found a negative that did have good subject configurations and drama.  In fact this picture looked like Adam and Eve !  I decided to put my negative in a powerful scanner to bring out the picture as best possible.  The result is what you see here.  It was ‘meant to be’ as my mother would always say. If my negatives were perfect this scene would be too gross.

A New Discovery … continued

14 Jul

I have been thinking about the discovery that I made … that it is so odd … saying that unnaturally fast witted intelligence will not last long on the earth (in the natural earth garden) … and I do not think I can discount this point of view.  This is what is stated in the blog before this one.

I do tend to be overly sarcastic when I am sounding out about basic humanity.  I am a writer like one in the old days and what I have is always so scolding.  All my rhetoric is universal at least.  I do not have set social favorites or one sided conservative or liberal views … or even a political view.  I think humanity is nuts then ?

I think we are all unduly captive to the energy I write about … the energy of the Blossom.  This is a discovery coming from me that goes back many years.  It is, in fact, the reason that some faultless intelligence from somewhere is here communicating with me at all.  I know that I say that I asked for it.  Yes, and I have discovered further that I am actually forcing the universe to relate some of its hard core truths to me.  How dare I come up with an assumption like this !

My inward spiritual query is the opposite.  I say to myself (I have input that is saying)  “How dare I not do so !”

My recent discovery that the God’s are dead is a logical observation.  I think we should all begin to practice something I call “Mere Observation”.  We really can not get any more scientific than this.

Such an observation says (bluntly) … “Where are they ?”

Think about this carefully.

Think about the other views connected to this discovery … that those who come to our universe … who can do this at all .. that they did not aim at our universe (plot it out on a map of some kind).  My discovery (the new data that I found in my mind) says they were trapped here !  Not only this.  They have to change  when they recompose here !  That they will take on some of the physical characteristics of our universe creatures and in their thinking (behavior) as well. True, I did not conjure up stuff like this just to be a smart wise guy.  I am a goofy old dude these days but I am still getting amazing insights form my wisdom source, et all.

OK   If … I SAY IF… the God’s were observing us from somewhere would this not be physically apparent somehow … in a very repeatable way ?  The only thing that we have that is repeat ably physical about them is the fact that we have nothing !!

I look at all the shows about Aliens and their ancient activity with structures that are so profound.  This proves that  they were here … and no more !  The behavior and the physical characteristics that they showed (The ancient ones recorded) while they were here goes along with my newest discoveries.  It makes so much sense.  They could not last here very long and we are in peril at some point if we do not improve our performance here.  Am I saying that someone is watching us after all ??   No  I am saying (my wisdom says) that there is a great God Force that gets triggered … that it is this universe immune system.

There is no evidence that this force does any thinking … it just gets triggered … and there is a quick ‘comeuppance’. This is what happens to all of our wayward societies at some point.  This is a mere observation.

All this, above, is observable.  We should sure about things that are not so observable.  My wisdom says we are the only life in our universe.  This appears to be such a stupid, old fashioned, viewpoint.  But – BUT I SAY – Do we see any life in action somewhere, out there ?  NO  (not yet, you may say).   Also, do we see any artificial debris out there ?  No  (not yet ?)

People are talking about Alien craft observations all the time … and about being abducted.  There is some science to this having to do with it all being a weird facility of a human mind … or even of a great mindset share by many.

All of our governments cannot fully agree on anything and they spy on each other.  There is some rather odd thing they do agree on and are able to keep it so secret.  They have Alien bodies somewhere.  The public will never see these. This is what they all agree on.

HELLO  uh, for the sake of world peace or anything like this, can we see these now ??   Mere observation tells me that they cannot do this because they do not have any Alien bodies.  They tell us this as an up front lie to all the public.  Mere observation tells me that they just do not have any Alien bodies.  If they do … if there is life out there .. etc. etc.  (any day now).

I think Jimmy Carter can tell us something … about how there are no Alien bodies.

I have some new pictures to lighten your hearts a bit.

I am selling new pictures for $20. at my gallery and some old silver gelatin prints with a pencil price on the back.  My prints are all archival grade.  I use 100% cotton paper for my new digital prints.  Add $10. shipping for nay pictures you see in my blogs.

I am doing portraits. I have a sample here and some magic.  I sold two of my new Mohawk pictures recently and now I have one with the Lock Ness monster in the water.  I cloned it in.  It looks real.  Kids will like this.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery  38 West Main Street  Cambridge NY 12916  518 677-3288

G Forss Mohawk River at Half Moon 35mm  2400 Nessy streaming along small file G Forss  People and Balloons small file

G Forss Nancy Krauss spiritual portrait small file


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