A Forss report – The 200,000 year old war – new info about our other world mentors

21 Dec

I have some new information about the entities that founded humanity here. I think this is the way to put this. I get what I call “Findings” from time to time, or even afer a long period of time. I don’t do scientific research the way that we are supposed to when we want to uncover great truths about a given situation. I am really not capable of doing so, nor would I want to. I am like an animal. That is to say that I will mainatin my natural animal state as much as I can, even out of sheer laziness. I am lazy about having to do the “on” thing, or the big lie thing all the time. What I say here is not sarcasm, not if it turns out that all of our inventions, religiousity, politics and other new stuff turns out to be wronged real soon and needs to be scrapped or updated all the time. I get very excited and I get to work … working real hard … when I find I have an awareness of something that is not going to fail over a rather short time.
I am so proud of my Natural/Spiritual writings. They are still growing in time rather than failing. This is what I want.

OK So what do I have ?

I will just lay it out the way that it came to my telecommunicative consciousness.

The Boogie Men / ethereal spooks / Aliens (whatever) can come to our universe but they cannot stay here. They did what they wanted; the creation of humanity, but it is done now and they cannot come back. They had to leave after the period when they were so gloriously reigning here. This is because they are not of our universe and the immune system of our universe started to repel them as oon as they came here. Mind you, they did not simply arrive here as they are, they had to do hybrid breeding with an ape type … or even have been instumental in founding the apes in the first place. An immune system (any immnune system) cannot be thwarted with sheer knowledge or intelligence. Purity is essential in every natural living thing and every universe also. You can say that humanity, us hybrid foreigners, is doing OK. We are surviving … suviving like crazy. This is true but only in the short run. Our science knows this. It is a big so what because we are having so munch fun. Munch ? I like this word. Yeah … we are having so munch fun !

Anyway, the job is done now and our mentors cannot return here. It is even likely that they are no longer living here in any way (in our universe).

I am also aware that traveling between one universe to another will erase any mindness (awareness) of the place that a living entity comes from. This is simple to figure out. When we go into the void between universes (THERE SIMPLY WILL NOT BE ANY interactive NATURAL/SPIRTUAL SMAGIGEE THAT EVERY MIND NEEDS) we will lose our minds. It is possible for very advanced entities to simply be born again – with a mind – as they travel and enter the new universe for them … BUT MAYBE ONLY AS SPOOKS ! “SMAGIGGEE” is a word I created to describe what cannot be described, such as our universes God. The travelers went away from the realm of thier God completely. This happens in the void between universes.

Well, they came and did us. I write with such entities as my guide. I am convinced of this. I think I get wisdom from them. I know it is not me. Those who read my book ENOS should be aware of about twelve different mindsets that have worked on my book with me. I am the obedient one who feels out thier great thruths.

What about a 200,000 year old war ? It is the war between the Aliens God and our Earth Gardens God. It is the Blossom. We do not have to have wars all over the place, especailly if such a fury is speeding up. There are a lot of things that are speeding up. Global warming, socialtal insanity, our depleting good Karma. etc. etc.

We do have a new God that is developing here. All we have to do is survive long enough for this to happen. It is simply evolution 101. We need to stay below the radar. We can do this by devoloping our science of truth detection and using it to run human affairs. I am told this by the spooks.

Please look at older blogs of mine if you want a free download of my books and want to buy any of my images.

New images …

G Forss  Lake Lauderdale  165 Kollinear Lens  Aug
Lake Lauderdale

G Forss  Large Oak Tree  2014 copy
Large Maple Tree 300mm lens

G Forss  Large Oak Tree  165mm copy
Large Maple Tree 165mm lens

G Forss Audubon Sanctuary at Plum Island small file L sharp
Plum Island Audubon Preserve pan 1

G Forss  Audubon Preserve at Plum Island 7 vertical stitch copy small file paint
Plum Island Audubon Preserve pan 2

Norma Forss Photography – The Origins of Humanity Report – New Book Project

4 Dec

I have some of my mother’s photography to show here … and … uh, what ? … I have a report about The Origins of Humanity ? Yes, there is a way that I can do this. I am not afflicted by delusions of granduer, nor am I ego tripping. Those who know me know that I have been getting feed back from a kind of metaphysical source. I am sorry that I am constantly explaining this (each time in a little different way). I feel I have to do this to try and break through the constant and unerring energy of the Blossom (The Rat Race) for years now and I got some new data now. I do connect to a person here and there who is considering what I am doing. I do not have a new movement or a religion that I want people to join. I am not capable of doing this anyway.

Actually, What I have is not so new to me. It is rather that I am able to ‘feel’ the real truth of our origins better than I have all along.

Humanity is not of this earth (The Earth Garden). We are the result of some kind of hybrid breeding on the part of some other life form type that is actually not even of this universe. Science now knows that there are multiple universe’s abound in the – all of everything – so to speak. What I am aware of is some ethereal spooks found, or founded, our place (our Godly Place) and they introduced a contrary energy here … along with the kind of smarts that they have from a more advance universe somewhere. This ‘smarts’, this energy is us. It (We) are not natural to this earth place. We (The ethereal spooks) found a way to live again when we came here. Yes. I am saying (I am aware more than ever) that we are alive again now. I am aware that we were taken out by the God Force in another universe. Somehow, though, we exsisted as spooks, until we got here, and are capable of doing what humanity is doing on the earth garden now.

This energy happened as soon as we emerged as a new life form here. It is likely that a few false starts, or experiments, took place involving different ape being types. It is possible that the advent of ape types et all is thier doing. This is energy is that which is produced by the God of the earth fighting to repel the newcomers God of where they came from. We are all gripped with this energy all the time that is now governing all of our human affairs in a ceratin way.

Why do hybrid beeding at all ? If our founders are so smart why don’t they just create some kind of super being, of themselves, that is free from primative needs in the way that we are … that does not age Etc. Etc. THE ANSWER IS THAT THEY CANNOT ACHIEVE WHAT THEY HAVE ACCOMPLISHED HERE IN ANY OTHER WAY ! The human being (The Creation) is more capable of experiencing the super jollies of mortal living, across the entire spectrom of mortal living. The thing is that no matter how smart any beings are in any universe, there is no more fun creature possibilty that what we are today.
The excitement of being on the ‘front lines’ in a war of two God’s … keeping up with Blossom energy (my new name for our rat Race) constant new trends and fads is blinding us to the reality of the decline of the original Earth Gardens viability in our universe. The situation is that humanity as a whole is developing a bad Karma … our situation of living in the earth garden for a long time is growing increasingly tenous … that the God Force of our universe will take us out at some point ! Mayby this will not be for some long time. So … what do we care … we are having so much fun … we are the ones who are the most aggressive Blossom Types who are running the show here ? This should be OK. So, each individaul has to simply get with it and not worry about the decline of the earth garden (the decline of natural animal and plant life) ! Are we all destined to become super robots ?

I care. I know that such a scenario is not even possible. Not in any universe … That (They) (We) lost our home somewhere else and now we are here to rage with our smarts, even if it is only for a few thousand years.

I have a few of my mom’s pictures here. A book about this is in the works. More about this later.

George Forss 38 West Main Street Cambridge, NY 12816 george.forss@yahoo.com

Norma Forss - Little Girl on steps001
Little Girl on Steps

Norma Forss - Tough Guy002 sml file
Tough Guy

Norma Forss Draped nude study001
Draped Nude Study

Norma Forss - Lou Costello 002
Lou Costello

Norma Forss Betty Hutton 1940001
Betty Hutton

Norma Forss - James Stewart001
James Stewart

Two New Books – Kickstarter Backer Report – New Images

26 Nov

Hi to my Kickstarter backers.

Thank you so much. I am able to feature a second book thanks to you. It is in the works with my publisher, http://www.xlibris.com. I don’t need Kiskstarter backing for this.

My new published book will feature 70 + images taken by my mother during the 50 years that she spent photographing children, her specialty, as well as many adult portraits, and the most amazing portraits of Movie Stars.
None of this is a big deal except for the fact that my mother took the best pictures ever in her unique way. I will illustrate some of these on my blog soon. You will be forced to acknowledged her genius when you see these.

My second book that I am starting to write is a book that I have to write. Anyone who knows me knows that I am smitten with some kind of communication that I have been getting from Aliens (or something like this). I know that this is nothing more than a claim but when the product of such an alliance is analyzed it is clear that something very profound is being brought to the awareness of the human spiritual genome. I can tell you that all the claims in my book about such an alliance, ENOS, has been holding up very well over time … about 35 years that I have been involved with such a heady source. Almost anyone who has formulated a new science or writing that is ever 30 years old will find that what they have has gone stale. This is not happening to my writing at all. Instead, I have a body of writing that is growing. When I read through my book, Enos, I am surprised by the majesty and profoundness of the writing. I don’t know how I did this ?

I have been sending my book to people as an e mail attachment (a PDF file). If you send me your e mail I will send you this book as well as the 4th and 5th books of a five book ENOS series.

My new writing is about a new religion that I will be able to formulate now .. that I am literally told to do … right about now … by my source of wisdom. I am not kidding.

I have some new pictures to attach here. I went to Newbury Port Mass. and to Plum Island to get some pictures of an owl and the ocean. I think you will like these.

Note that the image files I feature on my blog are free for anyone to use … to reproduce, print, make greeting cards etc.

I also make expert digital prints for people. I charge $35. for an 11 x 14 print on 330g cotton paper. I use Epson quality inks.

I sell a 330g 11 x 14 size print of the images featured on my blog printed as above for $65. or $35. for a 8 1/2 x 11 size print.

For mailing in the U.S. add $15.

George Forss / Ginofor Gallery 518 677-3288 george.forss@yahoo.com http://www.ginoforgallery.com
38 West Main Street
Cambridge, NY 12816

G Forss  The World of the Barred Owl  Plum Beach 2014 small file
The World of the Barred Owl

G Forss  Rocks like Seals  Plum Island small file
Rocks like Seals Plum Island

G Forss  Evening sky over Plum Island ocean small file
Evening Sky over Plum Island Ocean

G Forss  Following the footsteps  Plum Island Beach small file
Following the Footsteps Plum Island Beach

G Forss  Plum Island Ocean  1 small file
Plum Island Ocean

My Kickstarter Backers – Update

13 Nov

The messages I can send from my computer via kickstarter have been severely hampered from the beginning of the project for my book “The Way We Were”. I have not been able to type words in the message part of an update. I can only type one letter and then wait about two minutes and then another letter. I don’t know why ? I am very happy non the less because it has all worked out very well. I even have enough money to fund another book ! This will be a book entitled … “Norma Forss Photography 1932 to 1989″ Book 3

More details about this book to come.

I will be working with Xlibris publishers.


I have some more pictures taken at Join Katz recent open house event at Bedlam Farm. Jon’s writings and photography about his life at Bedlam Farm are the best about animals and life itself. You should join in. Go to http://www.bedlamfarm.com. You will find yourself ‘tuning in’ every morning. This is like a religion !

I sell my digital pictures for $65. 11×14 330g 100 % cotton paper and $35. FOR 8 1/2 X 11 SIZE.
Shipping Add $15.
George Forss
38 West Main Street
Cambridge, NY 12816
518 677-3288 George.forss@yahoo.com

New pictures

G Forss  Open House guest reading her poem  B&W 135 Ang

G Forss Heavenly cloud 135 Ang small file

G Forss  Stylish lady small file

G Forss Me and Donna at John's open house 1 small file

G Forss  Field composition with my 135mm Angeniuex telephoto on an EOS camera small file

G Forss Donna always my model 2 small file

George Forss – New Pictures – My Recent Gig at Jon katz’ Open House

2 Nov

Yeah This was a fun event. I have a few pictures from Jon’s Bedlam Farm where this took place. I always get some good pictures when I am here. I did portraits of people.
There were 1500 people here !

I sell my pictures for $65. plus $15 for shipping.

I can make an 11×14 size 330g 100 % cotton paper digital print at this price.

No sermon today.

George Forss
38 West Main Street
Cambridge, NY 12816

518 6773288 http://www.ginoforgallery.com George.forss@yahoo.com

I can e mail my book “ENOS” free of charge

MY NEW BOOK IS SELLING ! I got something here. Title is …”The Way We Were” … $12. paper back $22. hard cover Check out this book on Amazon. I will give you a free gift with a print order. I will give a disk with my pictures in my new book (signed) plus a publishers gift card entitling you to a free E book !

G Forss  Composition with tree trunk mass small file

G Forss  Jon Sermon in the Field small file

G Forss  Maria's Quilt small size

G Forss  The Last Apple on the Tree small file

G Forss Portrait of Red small file

What the Universe Wants

25 Oct

I am going (trying) to answer a big question posed in my recent blog.

We can only know what the universe wants when we are honestly and innocently observing of all the phenomenon that we can see that is of a continuous stream of unpredictable events.

This is something that we really do not want to know. We want to know God (a big controlling mind over us).

When something bad happens to us or to someone we know that is obviously in the realm of chance, we may very well want to think that it happened for a specific purpose.

Here are some observations that cannot be put down.

We can know the universe (know what it wants) when we observe its long term successes.

Nothing in the universe is hoarded. Everything is in use.

There is a force for purity in the universe that can only be described as a force for purity. This is saying that we can control our fate somewhat simply by our behavior. If we are strong, good and honest our good fate will be better and longer. If we are weak, bad and dishonest some bad fate will be upon us.

There is a kind of ‘slate clearing’ comeuppance in the universe in any arena where there is corruption and injustice.

If we are loving and honest and sharing of our wealth we can last a long time in the universe (a million years like all the honest animals do). If we are too greedy, well … we will be faced with a situation where we are totally surprised by a sudden downfall with all of our stuff … that we cannot take with us !

None of this will make too much sense to you if you are too smart (so masterful with your ways with wealth). But BUT over the long run we will become the victims of something I what I have been claiming for many years. This is the God Force. This Is not a thinking entity of any kind. It is logical to describe this force as the universe immune system. It is so because it quacks like a duck and swims like a duck, so to speak … it acts exactly like the immune system that all living things have (creatures) have.

I am happy to tell you about a solution that we can employ with our amazing science these days. It is the science of truth detection that we are getting better and better at.

“Did you get this from the Aliens, George ?”

Yes. It is a simple solution that will enable us to go on as we are for the most part .. for a long time … but with enough truth in our human affairs that will keep us below the radar (the triggering of the universe immune system).

It is simople

George Forss – How to photograph a sunflower

17 Oct

I have a 1 1/2 x 3 foot garden in front of my gallery. This small plot of land become a garden when Jack Metzger, the owner of “Jack’s Outback” next door to me, decided to till my small plot of land and plant sunflowers here. He has been keeping my garden growing … glowing with sunflowers for years now. I am like, eternally grateful to this man.

Every year, like magic, some sunflowers bloom. It is always exciting for me to want to photograph the sunflowers that come around.

This year I singled out only one sunflower. This was a very large one. It was at my height standing straight and looking just perfect, as a sunflower can be.

I took three pictures from the same vantage point. The background for my study was the entrance to my gallery. I had to work out a composition for my study carefully. The first picture I can illustrate here shows my skill at doing this. The second picture has a person in it suddenly … within the same composition I set up ! This is Cambridge own Larry Sconzo, the man I nickname The Godfather. Larry looks out for all of us in Cambridge. He is very bold so he put himself right in my picture while I was taking the first picture. So, I have a portrait of Larry with my sunflower. The composition for this second picture is very good. I could not have orchestrated this second picture any better than this. Larry just stood in my picture as you see ?

For my third picture … while my camera is still in the same place … I decided to incorporate a large art work behind the sunflower. I was smart about this when I thought of using a large Donna Wynbrandt work that is about 4 by 6 feet. I also made this third picture a horizontal picture. The is an exemplary artist of the third kind. Her art works are always exciting and tasteful.

G Forss  Ginofor sunflower in bloom 2014 small file

G Forss  Ginofor Sunflower with Larry Sconzo 2014 small file

G Forss  Sunflower with DHW art  2014 small file


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